Order and Chaos

Dear Patrons, 

It’s been quite hectic around here since our last update. I’ve been in Thailand working to get my sailboat ready for the upcoming season and Pirate Jam 2018. 

Boat work and getting things done in Thailand both serve as constant reminders of the nature of chaos. A boat is chaos and entropy floating together inside a container of fiberglass, steel, lines, bolts, seals, valves, and wiring – all competing against the harsh elements of the sea. We constantly strive to bring order to the situation through planning, maintenance, and vigilance. 

But our best efforts to control chaos only serve to put in place the elements upon which chaos thrives – things in order naturally succumb to the passage of time. This is the realm of the Hindu goddess Kali. And now, after a series of chaotic days, I missed my chance to re-name my boat “Lulu” and have  decided instead on “Chaos” – “??????” (Thai: Kl?yukh) (Devanagari: ??? ???).

Speaking of Chaos… For Patrons who backed at higher levels we’re nearly finished with production of the silver Chaos Necklaces. They’re being produced in two sizes – a smaller one ostensibly for men and a larger one as originally presented. Once they’re in hand I’ll send out a quick survey to find out which one those Patrons want. And we’ll add them to the Mysterious shop for everyone else who wants one. 

Now, as we continue trying to put our plans for “Asylum” in order… 

Joey AND Sonny have new art for us! And our old friend Omri Koresh has signaled interest in joining the art team. I’ve added Omri as a new goal here on Patreon. Help spread the word! 

Now on to the latest from Joey…

November 28th

I did Hatter wearing suit and later, sth. happened destoried his place, he lost his suit and wearing his shirt, the shirt was also kind of dirty, I made it look like just been through a fire. There is an extra version of his dress, just came to my mind it would be intresting to have that china outfit, then when it was broken, there was flesh underneath. I used hatter to show this, maybe we can use this on small enemies on this stage.

Also I did his teapot castle, I rendered 2 images, we could pick one from them, there should be a destoried version, I will come up with that later. 

Tell me what do you think. 

I am working on his lab, should be done soon.


And we have two new pieces from Sonny… 

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Once I’m back in Shanghai (this weekend) I’ll set up another live stream with Martin and we’ll talk about everything that’s going on. 

Also, let me know what art print you’d like to go out this month. Lots of great art to choose from. What’s your favorite? 

From Krabi, 


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