We’re Two are Mad Here

Greetings Insane Children!

Wow! We’re only a few Patrons away from our 555 goal and unlocking the Inmate Certificates. In case you had a straight jacket pulled up over your head and don’t know what I’m talking about… when we reach 555 patrons I’ll print, sign, and deliver unique and numbered Inmate Certificates to everyone who is a Patron at the end of January. 

Yes, certificates will be made and delivered to as many Patrons as we have at the end of the month. But to be eligible you must be among the “processed” Patrons for the month of January (as in, your pledge for the month was captured). Pledge level doesn’t matter – this is a gift to ALL Patrons – but you MUST supply your mailing address. 

Please, DO NOT message us directly with your address. Go to your Patreon Pledge Settings and you’ll find a place to input your mailing address. (Perhaps one of you who has done this successfully can provide step-by-step instructions in the comments below?) 

The certificates themselves will be designed in February and mailed out in March. I’m traveling for most February, so I won’t be around to sign them – and we can’t design/print them until we know the final number of Patrons for the month. Anyway, that gives everyone plenty of time to ensure addresses are in the system. Yay! 


Feast your eyes upon two fantastic new images from Omri! 

He’s done up Emily Browning and India Eisley as Alice! I have to say… and it’s not just because we have “country names” – but India as Alice… WOW. 

Let me know what you think! Leave your comments below and we’ll go through them during the next live stream. 

Did someone say LIVE STREAM?! Why yes! We’ve scheduled another for this week. Friday morning, 0930AM Hong Kong Time. CLICK HERE to head over to YouTube and set an alarm. That will also provide you with a handy countdown clock. Don’t be late!

This next live stream will be VERY IMPORTANT. Why? Because we’ll take our first look at the draft outline of the presentation being built for EA. This is a text-only affair, so set your expectations accordingly. It mainly goes through the basics of the deal/development structure and is pretty light on design/narrative stuff… but all in due time. Please join the stream to provide your feedback and comments. 

Once we have the presentation in a more interesting format I’ll start sharing it with Patrons via Early Access 😉 

A bit of housekeeping…

Martin and I packed up the art prints for December – Hatter in his Workshop. Those are now awaiting pickup and will start making their way to you. Delivery time is usually around 4~5 weeks. 

“House of Fire and Fury” is at the printers and should also ship out this week or early next week.

Martin is putting together a final list of Patrons who will receive a Chaos Necklace. We need to send eligible Patrons a Survey Monkey in order to know what size necklace you want (Large or Small) – so expect to see that in your inboxes soon. 

Lastly, we’ve added a new “Sponsor” tier per a Patron suggestion. This high-level tier grants the Patron(s) on-screen promotion of their brand, live-stream shout outs, etc… so if you or someone you know has a business or brand they’d like promoted (while at the same time supporting our creative efforts) – you could point them towards that 😉

Hope to see you all during the upcoming live stream! 

From Shanghai with Tentacles, 


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