555 – Woo! Woo! Woo!

Dear Insane Children, 

Congratulations! You’ve hit the magic 555 Inmates number and unlocked an official Inmate Certificate for all Patrons! Certificates will be issued to all Patrons whose support is successfully processed at the end of January (usually 1~2 days after the end of month). After that, Alex Crowley will design a certificate, we’ll number it based on the total number of Patrons for the month of January (as I write this… at 579 and s`till increasing), print, number, autograph and mail them out… 

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR $1 Patrons – As there is no reward at the $1 level you have no way to provide your mailing address via the pledge manager. If you wish to remain at that level for this important month and want to collect a certificate then you’ll need to manually message us your mailing address. Or you could increase your pledge to $2 and provide your mailing info via the pledge system. 

A giant THANK YOU to everyone for helping us reach this goal. Your contributions will help support the ongoing creation of artwork, design, and marketing required to bring Alice: Asylum to life! 

Another update with art, design, and live stream details coming soon. 

PS: “Woo” is literally how you say “5” in Chinese.

From Shanghai with woo-woo-woo! 


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