Let’s Play: American McGee’s Alice!

She’s baaaack! Alice in her original format, trusty Vorpal Blade in hand and shady Cheshire Cat by her side… We’re going to play “American McGee’s Alice” during the next YouTube live stream! We’ll talk about conception and creation of the first game – from the initial pitch to the final frantic months of development. 

Do you have questions or feedback about the first game? Be sure to share them in the comments below! Martin will read and I’ll respond while Alice fights her way through Wonderland. Yay!

Be sure to join us via this YouTube LINK. You can hit that link now to set a reminder or tune in at 5:30PM PST on Wednesday, March 21st (09:30AM Hong Kong Time, March 22nd). See you there! 

Progress is being made on the embroidered patches. The patch designs themselves are “done” but a few are being re-worked for materials and stitching… we might have a few of them produced as rubber patches. Samples will be shared via the next live stream. The background card on which they’ll ship is also taking shape (at least in terms of dimensions). Art treatment for that coming soon! 

Not far now till we hit out 1000 Patron goal. Help spread the word. You don’t want your friends to miss out on their awesome Alice reward!

But, hey, we’re getting ahead of ourselves! 

What about the previous goal – the Inmate Certificate!? Well…

Behold the final design! These were delivered to the printers this morning. We’ll pick them up tomorrow afternoon – and then begins an epic autographing marathon. After that they’ll be sent to Hong Kong where our logistics partner will package them up and send them to YOU! (Where YOU = those of you who were with us when we hit out 555 goal). 

Expect some beautiful new Asylum art in the next update. Don’t be late!

From Shanghai with Brrrrr (go away winter!), 

-American & Lulu 

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