Turtles and Rabbits, Oh My!

Dear Insane Children, 

Back today with a couple of beautiful images from Joey to share. These are refined versions of the images we previously shared. A lot of great detail emerging in both… 

One of the things I really like about developing inside Wonderland is the malleability of scale. Alice can shrink and grow and the world is occupied by creatures who are often too big or too small relative to the world around them. A 50-foot tall Mock Turtle? I’d shell out for that.

We all know what happens when you follow the White Rabbit… but we’ll have to wait and find out what happens when you chase the Glowing Golden Bunny. ? ? strange!

With only 10 days remaining until the end of the month I wonder how our goal of 1000 Patrons will turn out… if it arrives before the end of the month then that’s it – all current Patrons for the month (at $5 or more) will receive the collection of Alice Inspired Patches. If we fall short… then that provides another month for new Patrons to arrive and join in the fun. What do you think? Will we hit our goal before April 1st? 

Several new Patrons have asked about the Inmate Certificate. They’d like to grab one of their own but weren’t in the Asylum when the 555 Goal was reached. Unfortunately, I can’t hand out more of those (or sell them separately) since they were offered as an exclusive reward for those who were here within the time limits of the reward. Sorry about that – but fret not! There will be plenty more interesting Goals and Rewards on offer. 

Speaking of which… Up next we’ll likely do enamel pins since so many have been asking for those. Do you have other ideas for Rewards? Let me know in the comments below. 

A lot of excitement building for tomorrow’s Live Stream of “American McGee’s Alice” as played by yours truly. I just hope I don’t suck! Just doing a quick test-run brought back a flood of memories. It’ll be interesting to have you all along for this floaty, stabby journey down memory lane.

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder and join the fun.

From Shanghai in the Rain, 


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