4K Mavic Pro Over Guangxi, China

Dear Insane Children, 

I recently traveled from Shanghai to Guangxi, China – landing in Guilin and then making my way by river ferry to Yangshuo. You can check out the things I saw along the way in this travel log video on YouTube.

During the trip I captured a lot of footage with my Mavic Pro and decided to edit that together into 8 minutes of 4k video goodness. The music in this video is “Koto” from Clozee and you can also grab it on YouTube.

Now… as I am getting ready to publish this post I can’t seem to get the video to actually play in 4K on YouTube – but that’s very likely because I am in China on a really slow Internet connection… let me know in the comments below if you see 4K (or anything higher than 360p) as a quality option. If not I can try another upload or something… 

During the summer I plan to travel around China a bit – it’s not a great time for sailing in Thailand due it being the Southeast Monsoon. Trying to figure out a couple of places to visit… are there places you’ve always wanted to see in China? Let’s make a list and I’ll pick a top suggestion and head there to capture some adventure. Yeah? 

Look forward to your feedback and suggestions in the comments below.

Oh… the Chaos Coin design came in while I was gone… and I think there’s some new art from Joey here as well… Hmmm… all in the next update! 😛 

From Shanghai with Love (and Lulu),


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