Chaos Coin Patreon Reward Announcement

Dear Insane Children, 

Here are details for our next Patron Reward Goal!

When we reach 2000 Patrons we’ll send out a physical Chaos Coin to all Patrons at the $35 level or higher (at the time the goal is reached and the pledges are collected for that month). 

Ownership of a real Chaos Coin means your name (as approved by us) will be digitally embedded within a unique virtual coin placed in Alice: Asylum. Coins will be placed all around the game environment and linked to an in-game collection mechanic.

Viewing your name in-game will require finding your coin and examining it via an item examination interface.

This is a unique way for you to make your mark on Wonderland.

Coins will be delivered via express mail in a beautiful collector item box and coin bag. 

As of this posting we have only the “chaos” side of the coin rendered as not-yet-final concept artwork. The “head” side of the coin will feature the Cheshire Cat’s unique face and smile.

Please join us in working towards the final design of the coin and our reaching of this exciting next goal. 

Chaos Coins will be available for sale after this reward offer has been reached but we expect prices will be increased significantly. 

Here’s the actual coin front and back…

Comments and feedback are welcome below. We’ll keep an eye on this section and respond in the weekly live streams. 

UPDATED INFO in this post: 

From Shanghai with Love, 

-American, Martin, & Lulu 

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