Welcome To The Idiots Ward

Dear Insane Children, 

There are a lot of things I find myself wanting to improve in relation to the first two Alice games when we start work on Asylum. Controls, design,  etc… but one thing in particular keeps popping up in my head with regards to the overall theme / genre / mood of the new game: Horror 

As much as I love the beautiful environments Alice explores in Wonderland – and I really love those places – it feels like a lot more could be done to sell the terror and isolation Alice must feel on these adventures. There’s plenty of opportunity for horror – has been in both the previous games – but we never really ‘went there’ in a meaningful way. 

This time around… let’s change that, shall we? 

And what could be more terrifying than CLOWNS + Tweedles?! 

“Welcome!!” indeed. 

Who wants to share a mental prison with these guys… 

What’s your feeling about horror? What sort do you like? What sort can’t you stand? What’s the best horror you’ve experienced in a film or game recently – and the worst? 

Drop your feedback in the comments below and we’ll discuss HORROR in full during the next… 

LIVE STREAM <— Click that link to set a reminder for this week’s stream.

We’re doing this one on Thursday @ 9AM Hong Kong Time (Wednesday, 6PM PST). Please join me, Martin, and Lulu. We’ll discuss Asylum, hand out embroidered patches as prizes, and watch me fall repeatedly to my death. Weeeeeee!

From Shanghai with Goosebumps,


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