Chaos Coin Chaos

The Chaos Coin promotion seems to be causing a lot of, well, chaos. In hopes of making things a little more clear here are some recent comment responses I’ve written: 

The Chaos Coin is a physical coin. Owning one grants you a matching virtual coin in Alice: Asylum upon which we’ll encode your name (per our approval).

Material: Copper core with nickel plating. 

Size: 4.5cm diameter

Weight: 28 gram

You need to have pledged (and paid) $35 in the month where we reach the 2000 Patron goal. We don’t know what month that will be – but we’ll get there a lot faster if everyone interested would pledge a minimum now ($1) and then wait until we reach 2000 Patrons. 

At the moment we hit 2000 change your pledge to $35. Once you’ve been processed for that month at that amount you can reduce your pledge (OR keep it at $35 for 2 more months and get a free Art Print as well). 

We will deliver the coins everywhere in the world. 

My Patreon is set up as a monthly subscription to help support the various projects we’re working on. You can pledge any amount from $1 to $1,000,000 per month and that amount will be charged one time each month around the start of the month (1st-5th of each month). 

Our current goal/reward is the Chaos Coin. It unlocks for all Patrons who are processed for a pledge at $35 or higher when we have 2000 or more Patrons. As I write this we have 1,275 Patrons.   

If it is your goal to “game the system” and get the Coin for as little as possible then I recommend the following: Set a pledge at $1 right now. That increases our Patron count and moves us closer to our 2000 Patron Goal. When you see us hit 2000 Patrons adjust your pledge to $35. After you’ve made that adjustment wait until the next payment is processed. Then adjust your pledge back to whatever level you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind that two more months at $35 gets you an art print of your selection.

Once you’re pledged at $1 you’ll automatically receive Patron updates – and I’ll be sure to send out a notice when we hit 2000 Patrons so that everyone knows to adjust their pledges accordingly.

I know there are a lot of you out there waiting for 2000 before pledging. But I guess we could hit 2000 Patrons in short time if all the fence-sitters would pledge $1 right now.

As I write this the coins are being manufactured. We’ll post more and better pictures/videos of the final product very soon. 

If you miss your opportunity to get a Chaos Coin via this Patreon Reward, you will have another chance to purchase it directly via Mysterious. The price per coin there will be somewhere close to $100. And we’ll also offer it when we start proper crowdfunding for Asylum but it’s too early to predict the tier/cost it will carry at that point. 

Questions or feedback? Share in the comments below! 

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