The Chaos Coin Challenge

Welcome Inmate,

You chose wisely. Now equip yourself for what lies ahead…

The Chaos Coin is a physical coin which grants the owner a small token of Chaos and a virtual coin in Alice: Asylum. Within the virtual coin you can embed a name and phrase of your choosing*. Carry this into battle as a constant reminder: Destruction contains the key to redemption.

Chaos Coins will be mailed to all Patrons at the $35 and higher level when we reach 2000 Patrons. 

You can help us unlock the Chaos Coin and lend your support to Alice: Asylum by becoming a Patron today. Patrons have early access to the ongoing pre-production effort where we’re producing design, art, and narrative content which is guided by your comments and feedback.

Check out some earlier Posts and read the Comments below to hear from our Asylum full of Insane Children. They’ll tell you just how much happiness is found in madness.

 *name / message length and rules TBD

Existing Patrons, This post is a landing page for Mailing List subscribers who choose to “Confront the Chaos” – a challenge from the latest Alice 3 mailing list email. Help me help them to become Patrons by telling them in the comments below what fun we’re having with the pre-production of Asylum!

From the Asylum,

-American McGee

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