The Fashion Alchemist

Dear Insane Children, 

Please join me in saying “Hello!” to all the new inmates arriving in our asylum. Here’s hoping we make July the month to break 2000 Patrons and unlock the Chaos Coin Goal! 

Lots of great progress being made on Alice: Asylum these days. I’ve got in hand the mailing address where we’ll be sending the License PPT and assortment of physical goodies to EA. Just waiting on Chaos Coin production / delivery so we can throw a handful of those into the package… then send it on its merry way to EA HQ. (The email back-and-forth with EA these days is positive – so I’m feeling very good about where we’re at and where we’re heading). 

There’s even bits of movement along other fronts – funding, publishing, etc… but more on that when the time is right.

Live Stream Tomorrow

I’ve just scheduled a Live Stream over on YouTube (grrrr…) for tomorrow morning (July 5th, 9AM, Beijing Time) (July 4th, 6PM, PST) (Use IMP to translate to your local time/date). 

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder. And TAKE NOTE: I am seeing a TON of people commenting that they are not being reminded by YouTube when we go live – even if they Subscribe, hit the Reminder Bell, and … maybe even when they set a Reminder via that link. INSANITY! 

I, like many other YouTubers, really hate what YouTube is doing to destroy the value of the audiences we build and to ignore the specific requests / intentions of viewers who subscribe to specific channels. Why even have Subscribe, Remind, and that useless “bell” if you’re going to ignore it all anyway?!?! /shakes fist at YouTube

Maybe you all just set a reminder in your personal calendars? 

The Alchemy of Fashion

Omri submitted the Blue Dress illustration you see at the top of this post. He’s asked a couple of questions and made some suggestions – his intention is to refine and improve the original Alice dress. This makes sense because it’s a new game but also because it’s a new Alice – she’s younger in Asylum. She changes. The dress changes.

Take a look at his comments (in the image) and give your feedback in the comments below!

For his question regarding which (alchemy) symbols – I wrote back to let him know that these symbols have very specific meaning and that we’ll need to define these as we move forward with defining the landscape of Wonderland (and Alice’s journey through it AKA her narrative). For details on the meaning behind the symbols in A:MR check out the Alice Wiki.

If you imagine the hero’s journey as an analogous to the alchemical process then you can plot stages of the transformation by combinations of elements. These will link the narrative to the locations and be reflected on the dresses. 

Seems this is going to be called The Guilt Dress! I didn’t say anything when first posting this image but I’m not a big fan of “Guilt” being a power-up emotion. “Rage” and “Hysteria” I get because they feel like the sort of emotions which might drive a person to great levels of energy. Yes, “guilt” can drive a person to many places, but it doesn’t feel like the sort of thing that drives powerful or frenetic behaviors. 

Anyway, tons of positive comments related to a “guilt” dress may have proven my instincts wrong? Another thing we can discuss tomorrow. Comment below, please! 

Final point regarding Fashion is that I’ve reached out to a number of prominent YouTube/Instagram cos-players and makeup stars to see if they might be interested in collaborating with Omri on the design and realization of some new dresses and makeup styles for Asylum. 

 That’s it from the Underground Lair today! 

With Love and Pockets,

-American (and Lulu)

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