Denial Dresses and Chaos Containers

Dear Insane Children, 

Greetings from the insane heat of Shanghai! While it’s scorching outside we’re cool as cucumbers (Pickle Ricks?) in the underground lair – working away on Asylum, Out of the Woods, and a variety of other projects. My creative inspiration is being fueled by the Blade Runner 2049 soundtrack which is streaming off YouTube in the background. Flow…

So, here’s what’s up: 

Chaos Coins are manufactured. The majority of them are being shipped to our warehouse/logistics partner in Shenzhen while a few dozen are routed to Shanghai where we’ll use them for marketing and promotion. I’m working on the packaging for the ‘set’ which we’ll send to eligible Patrons when we hit our 2000 Patron Goal – and offer for sale over on Mysterious.

We need around 400 additional new Patrons before this goal unlocks. You can help us get there by asking friends, family, and fr-enemies to become Patrons today. (Btw, that’s a Pirate Jam Coin in my example picture – I sent my only Chaos Coin off to meet with some Chinese billionaire-investor). 

Dress Design continues with a new illustration from Omri. This is the Denial Dress and I love it. The idea that Alice enters into Asylum looking at a Wonderland which denies the fire and destruction of her mental state – reflected in a dress which is perfect on the front and ‘horrid’ in the back… Brilliant! He’s working on another new dress and says…

This is what i thought, She was 7 when she last visited wonderland when it was perfect so she should look as close to the literary version of Alice. IF people won’t like the yellow, although it’s the original dress color, we can go Disney with light blue.

Hope it’s clear!

Next dress: Moon (Dark) Personal Shadow.

It will be a black dress again, i think it’s fine to have several black designs tops we’ll change it later. i’ll update you later!

I’m not so sure about the ‘endless love’ concept Omri’s presented – neither the infinity or heart symbols really link to the symbol library we’re working with… But I bet we can find appropriate symbols which tell the same story.

Also… “Disney light blue” – Uh, yeah, let’s not get sued to death!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! 

Out of the Woods is also seeing solid progress these days. We’ve sorted out shipping setup; weights, costs, etc. And are just waiting on the factory to supply a Game prototype for approval so we can start mass manufacturing of that last piece of the puzzle. Expect photos and updates on the Game bits soon.

Asylum in general is moving forward. I’m working on the overarching narrative with RJ. We’re waiting on the Chaos Coins to arrive here so we can put together our License Package for EA – and mail that to them… hopefully this week! And (as hinted above) there are other talks going on with various potential financiers and publishers. I have a call scheduled this week which could prove to be quite interesting… fingers crossed.

I’ll set up a YouTube Live Stream link tomorrow and share that in the next post (with more art). Get your questions and comments ready (and share them below)! 

From Shanghai with Lulu,


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