Burning Down the House

Dear Insane Children, 

We’ll do another YouTube Livestream tomorrow morning – that’s July 19th, 9AM Hong Kong Time. 7PM in Los Angeles on the 18th. Confused? Check out International Meeting Planner

Remember – YouTube is an Asshat. You might be subscribed to my channel and you might even hit that annoyingly redundant little “bell icon” thing but YouTube will still decide you don’t really want to watch American’s content and neglect to inform you when we’re going live. 

So… set a reminder the old fashion way. And set one over on YouTube via THIS LINK.

We’ll talk about dresses, suits, and the Alice: Asylum Narrative Notes.

Massive SPOILER WARNINGS. If you don’t want the story spoiled watch with care and don’t click the “narrative” link above. I’ll try to alert everyone during the stream when we head into spoiler territory. (Hint: They all die in the end). 

Remember to get your comments and feedback in via the comments below. I’ll beat on Martin to read through that stuff faster 😛 

There will be PRIZES – We’ll be giving away autographed copies of the Alcie: Asylum License Proposal. Yay! And Lulu! Yay!

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow! 

From Shanghai with Lulu, 


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