Cult of the White Rabbit

Dear Insane Children, 

Chaos always has its White Rabbit. Is it any wonder the Chinese designate the rabbit as Yin (vs Yang) – placing it in the house of Chaos? The trickster, the creator, the symbol of the eternal cycle as best represented in the motif of The Three Hares.

The puzzle  concept contained within this image of contour rivalry is one we could take as analogous to the nature of chaos and the grief cycle. 

Perspective dictates the nature of the phases of our journey. What was an “ignorant bliss” before the storm is later viewed as a period of great shame and regret. During that peaceful time it seems nothing is wrong and nothing could go wrong – but turn the wheel a few degrees and the “ears” which sat so comfortably atop the head of contentment now feature prominently above the head of the Chaos Rabbit. 

And then the wheel turns and the ears shift and we’re following the next rabbit. On and on it goes. 

This week we’ll follow the White Rabbit to another YouTube Livestream. Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder. And don’t forget to set your own reminders because YouTube is (rabbit) poop. 

That Livestream is set for 9AM on Thursday morning Hong Kong Time (August 2nd). Use International Meeting Planner to sort out what that means where you live. 

During this week’s stream we’ll discuss the back-and-forth I’ve had with Jennifer regarding new embroidery patch designs. From the outside this might look like simple “patch design” but in reality we’re establishing a CODE. A set of glyphs and symbols which will underpin a secret level of communication within Alice: Asylum. And we’re starting with the glyph that starts it all – the one that sits over the door leading into this new adventure. 

These are the latest versions of the White Rabbit symbol (alongside some patches she’s using as inspiration). I’m a huge fan of #1 and so I’ve incorporated it (main image, above) with the Tarot Card Back image sent to us by Alex this week. 

Now, Alex says he’s not feeling like this is going in the right direction – would like a do-over, and that’s fair enough… but not all the art we’re doing these days has to reach a ‘final’ stage. I’ve told him that it’s enough that we define the basic outline of an idea, stick a pin in it, and move on.

Truth is, we’re not in a place where we could start manufacturing Alice Tarot Cards tomorrow, so there’s no super-urgent need to finalize these images… especially not when there are so many other images we could be working on. And he is now working on something COOL … more on that later.

Back to the patches, I said to Jen: 

Now I think we’re getting somewhere… if I had a friend with one of these patches on his/her jacket or backpack… I might think they were into a satanic rabbit cult. I personally like #1 the best. I feel like my brain is tainted by the red/white color scheme of the Chinese “White Rabbit” candy – so I can’t take #2 seriously… though I do believe “White Rabbit” brand candy is the candy of choice for satanic rabbitists.  

Not sure if you’ve all seen the Chinese candy I am referring to…

But some of the earlier designs did feel a bit close to this – certainly in color scheme…

So… what do you think? Which White Rabbit would you prefer to follow through the chaos of existence?

As usual, leave your QUESTIONS and comments below. If you have a question, please mark it clearly as such. And we’ll do our best to get through everything… 

Btw, I am literally giving away Greg’s Junk during the livestream tomorrow. 

From Shanghai with the Cult of Lulu,


PS: The Chaos Rabbit image attached as a JPG so you can use it as your desktop background – like me!

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