The (Anti-PC) Pun Cannon

Dear Insane Children, 

This post was meant to start with 3-pages of me talking about political correctness and the importance of living life With Teeth but cooler heads prevailed. I was reminded of the precarious nature of our situation – all the eyes on us and what I’m saying. And the fact that I deleted that text and open instead with these words… well, that probably says all we need to say about the political state of the world we live in. I guess we chalk this up as a win for the PC Police. Yay :/

And… we start today’s post with the latest from Joey. Actually, this was in the batch of images she dropped yesterday but I somehow let it slip through the cracks. It’s icy! 

This looks to be a fantastic weapon. Especially when considered in context of my comments from yesterday. This thing can easily freeze enemies, form bridges, slow down mechanisms, make skating surfaces, extinguish fires, and so on. Most importantly, I am certain it would make a mean frozen margarita! 

Next we have an update from Alex: 

These would be the front and back images for the Chaos Coin collector card. With this we complete the set of items which will ship with the Chaos Coin – the Coin, box, frame, bag, and card. Quite a set! 

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts. My first impression – I love the ‘face’ side but I’m not so certain about the text being skewed. The back is also wonderful but the font on the CHAOS COIN text … not a fan. I wonder if Font Lord Martin had something to do with this? 😛  

Once we get a final design approved these need to be printed and sent to our logistics partner. That will (hopefully) coincide with them receiving the box/frame stuff from the factory… at which point the whole set will be complete! Thoughts?

Omri’s sent along an updated version of the Bargaining Dress which he’s now labeled the “Pleading Dress.” What do you think? 

This is certainly closer to the more subdued vision I had for her at this stage. I’ve also seen quite a few strong requests to maintain the green Bargaining Suit (or Dress) as shown in previous updates. I hear you! We’ll find a way to integrate it into the game.

Jen also continues her work on ideas for new patches. Of these she says:  

1. Shrinking violet with Alice’s hands reaching out with the cats cradle strings. Thought it might be a unique patch in line with the whole “only a few will understand this”

Also was thinking instead of the cats cradle I could put the burning house silhouette just out of reach? Kind of like she fell into the violet and is shrinking away from what happened. 

2. Bloody hobby horse, haven’t done proper typography on this yet, just a sketch idea. I should probably also give the banner a bit more flair but I wanted to make sure you liked the idea first as it’s a bit pastelish like the original hobby horse. Not sure if maybe people would prefer the more evil looking hobby horse? 

And she’d like to know if anyone would appreciate a Mock Turtle Ale patch…

The next set of patches is shaping up to be really interesting!

Let us know your feedback in the comments below.

And a last-minute delivery from Omri – The Hospital Dress! Of this he says: 

Hi! so before i’m doing the Asylum Dress, i thought to do the Hospital dress. According to the script she’s catatonic and you see her right after the fire. so.. this is what i thought she should wear.

Whew, that is a LOT of content to go through for one post!

And we’re not even done yet – a lot of you are writing to express concern about the QUESTION: label we’re using in the comments. I’ve read that some people don’t really enjoy listening to Patron Questions and Comments being read? So I’m a bit confused… And what do we do when we’re confused? 

I made a SurveyMonkey Survey! Hit that link and let us know your thoughts on Questions, Comments, and how to address these during the livestreams. 

Lots of content to discuss in this post and I look forward to some thoughtful discussion in the comments below. As you think about and comment on the topic of political correctness I am curious to know how many of you have taken the Political Compass Test

Might make for an interesting livestream aside for me to take this and talk about my responses and where I ultimately fall on the graph. I ask because I feel that single point analysis of a person’s politics and beliefs is by definition really shallow. Before you think you really disagree with someone’s politics or positions it’s useful to dig a bit deeper… so, yeah, thoughts on that as well! 

From Shanghai with Icy Balls (not really, it’s 40c outside), 


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