Sometimes you get a batch of art that makes you feel wonderful*. Images from a team of artists around the world which come together in a magical mix of what has been and what can be. Reminding me of all the times in the past, when I’ve seen art and concepts *click* in that distinctly *right* way. Recalling those feelings of being fortunate or lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time with the right group of people. Today is one of those days. 

First up we have an absolutely brilliant poster concept from Alex. I’m really blessed to have attracted yet another super-talented, incredibly dedicated and knowledgeable Aussie artist into the stable. He really knocked it out of the park with his recent efforts on Out of the Woods. Not just bringing amazing art to the table but also a technical expertise from the world of print and production that enabled us to do what would otherwise have been impossible.

And that poster… WOW!

And then Omri… Woo! Just f’ing NAILS IT with these asylum / Wonderland cross-over dresses. The addition of his art and presence to the team has been, as you all know, fantastic. It’s been years that we’ve crossed paths, chatted here and there, talked about working together… but never found the right time and place. Until now. And talk about RIGHT.

And then Jen delivers yet more Patch Goodness(tm). Everyone (including Alice) is on FIRE! I feel blessed. Randomly bumping into Jen on Twitter, getting into a few fun debates, with her bringing the hammer (and the cuteness) to our side. She also contributed in a huge way to the success and production of Out of the Woods, which in itself helped get us to where we are today… 

And though he didn’t submit any artwork today (and we should probably be thankful for that) I also need to send a ton of love to Martin. If he weren’t quietly going about the communication and community work, helping guide me in my moments of rashness, and being an excellent co-pilot during our weekly live streams… well, I’d have gone mad by now (and not in a good way). So, thank you, Martin, for not having a last name but always having my back.

Last but not least there’s YOU. Helping make all this a reality through your support, comments, and questions. Wonderful.

Speaking of you…

Seems the majority are on board with using the QUESTION and SUGGESTION tags in the comments. And Martin says he’ll also spend a bit of time pre-livestream to pull out Question and Suggestions for discussion during the stream. Hopefully that will satisfy everyone’s issues and desires. 

We do look forward to your feedback in the comments below. If you have a question or suggestion, well you know how to tag it. Do keep in mind that our livestreams are pretty hectic – with updates, discussion, Super Chats, and the comments from Patreon… So, spend a little time going through previous Patreon posts, comments, and YouTube livestreams before posting Questions – just to make sure you’re not reposting a topic we’ve already covered. 

*That track was in my Top 3 when I lived in Hong Kong and would go jogging through the mid-levels, past the botanical gardens, and down the Bowen Trail all the way to Happy Valley and back. All that mountain running eventually killed my right knee but it was fun while it lasted. What’s your favorite running, workout, energy music? 

From Shanghai with Wonder,

-American (and Lulu)

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