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Dear Insane Children, 

We have a ton of new Inmates joining the Asylum after yesterday’s big marketing and mailing list push. Join me in welcoming them to our mad family! And – everyone – please help us get the word out so we can hit that 2000 Patron Goal this month! Spread our images and creativity all around your social media channels! 

Today we’ve got new art, new patches, new jewelry, and the Livestream Link!

First up, Alex sends along a weapon concept…

I’ve created a “Broken Vorpal Blade” weapon concept, that is inspired by the “Solve Et Coagula” dissolve to reform idea. (chaos blade sounds like the obvious naming choice, but is taken by Dad of War).

The concept being, that this early in Alice’s timeline and story, things are still finding their way and figuring themselves out. 

The end result of Alice: Asylum’s journey being the familiar visual style we all know in the Alice Series.

I’ve applied this line of thought to the Vorpal blade, as a weapon that dynamically breaks apart and reforms, unsure of itself as much as Alice is, and not knowing really what form to take. 

This is expressed either by the weapon reforming as selectable modes, (knife, scythe, spear, shield etc.)

Or reforming during successive combo strikes. 

I like the idea of a multi-form weapon / shield / item. It fits nicely with the Chaos and Order theme in our narrative. And I imagine it would produce a lot of stunning and emergent visuals. He also sent along an idea for Runes  being applied to Alice’s skills (via slots on her dress and necklace) along with a UI mock-up (from DOOM)…

Meanwhile Jen continues delivering The Awesome with some new and updated embroidered patch designs…

Something tells me this next Patch Set is going to be even more amazing than the last… which I wouldn’t have thought possible until about 5 minutes ago! Let’s hurry up and unlock the Chaos Coin Goal so we can set (a much easier) goal for the next set of patches!

These are Alchemy Keys inspired by the set of keys from Madness Returns. I put these together in AI and cut them on my handy-dandy laser cutter (in wood) as part of the process of transforming them into a set of necklaces. They’ve been up on Mysterious for a while (as a placeholder) so that I can judge interest before pulling the trigger on production… 

They now have a higher “email me when ready” count than anything we’ve ever tested – so I know there’s lots of demand for them. Thing is, producing these (even the samples) is not going to be cheap. Before I start the factory on samples, a couple of questions for those of you who are interested. 

A bit of info about the necklaces first: They will be sold as a set of 5 pendants with a necklace chain. Everything will be made from stainless steel – matte or shiny dependent on answers to the survey (below). They will be 50mm tall and 3mm thick. Like we’ve done with the Chaos Coin, the set will come in a logo box / bag with a collector certificate. 

If you’re interested in this and want to provide feedback on price and design, please do so HERE

Last but not least, here’s the LINK to tomorrow’s YouTube Livestream. It’s at the usual time: 9AM Hong Kong Time on Thursday, August 9th. Consult International Meeting Planner to see what that translates to where you are. Also set a personal reminder as YouTube seem to ignore your subscription, reminder, and ‘bell’ clicks – because they know better than you what sort of content you should consume! 

We’ll go through your QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS during the stream. Martin says he’ll make a list of interesting ones prior to going live… so be nice to Martin and maybe he’ll pick yours! 🙂 

From Shanghai with Snackula,


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