FAQ Announcement – August 16th

Dear Insane Children,

A quick public post containing info about The Chaos Coin and the livestream for this week. First, a Giant Welcome to all our new inmates! As I write this, we’re at 2152 (and still growing). Wow! 

If you are not yet an Inmate and want a Chaos Coin, then join now! There’s no limit to how many we’re delivering via this offer but the offer does end on August 31st.

Still a bit of confusion and a number of questions coming in regarding the Chaos Coin Goal and how to acquire a Coin before time runs out. I’ve tried multiple times to explain this as clearly as possible and I’ll try again…

Chaos Coin How-To – In 3-Easy Steps

1) Pledge NOW at $35 (or more).

2) Wait to be charged on or around September 5th.

3) Done. Finished. You’ve passed go. You’ve acquired the Chaos Coin! 

After That…

If you wish to change, reduce, or cancel your pledge after completing the steps above, please wait until September 17th, 2018. This will help us sort and organize your pledges more easily – it will NOT result in additional charges to you. After September 17th, 2018 you can change, reduce, or cancel your pledge and you will still receive the Chaos Coin. 

You must be processed at $35 (or more) for this month (August 2018) in order to receive a Chaos Coin via this offer. 

You have until August 31st to lock in your pledge. 

Livestream and Pledge / Reward Walkthrough

If you are still in doubt then please join us for this weeks livestream – which can also be watched at any time after the stream – via THIS LINK

It’s at 7PM Hong Kong Time on August 17th. Here’s an International Meeting Planner timetable to make things clear…

Oi! This is an EU Stream

Again, if you miss the stream live then you can still watch it on YouTube via THIS LINK at a later time/date. 

During this stream Martin and I will talk through the commonly asked questions regarding the Chaos Coin Reward. If you’re on during the live stream then you can ask questions at that time as well.

A couple of recent questions: 

1. I pledged after you hit 2000 patrons.  Do I still get the coin?

Yes. There’s no limit to the number of coins/patrons.
Just pledge before end of August, 2018.

2. I just need to pledge for 1 month, right?

Yes. $35 or more for 1 month, THIS MONTH, August 2018.
Previous and later months do not qualify. 

3. Do I get coin + necklace + print at $75?

Yes. If it’s your first month at $75 then you would get all three.
If you’re already at $75 then you’ll still get an art print + Chaos Coin.
If this is your first month at $35 then two more months = art print as well.

4. It costs more because of VAT where I am.   (Not really a question, but some people are mentioning it)

It sucks. We know. Same thing here in China.
Write an angry letter to your politicians.
American and Martin can’t do anything about this.
Elect Lulu as Queen of the World… maybe she’ll fix it.

5. What’s the character count for my name/message on the coin?

For the virtual, in-game coin you can submit a name and message (per our approval). We’ll send out a Survey Monkey for this at a later date.
Name = 64 Characters
Message = 256 Characters

We’ll go into full detail about all this (and more) during the upcoming livestream.

If you have related QUESTIONS or SUGGESTIONS please add them to the comments below and use the “QUESTION: ” or “SUGGESTION: ” tag so Martin can easily see them. Try to avoid asking questions or making suggestions which have been covered before – a lot of your questions and suggestions have been covered in previous posts / livestreams. Lots of info on the Chaos Coin can be found via the Goal Link

We look forward to seeing you all on tomorrow’s stream. Yay!

Congratulations to Everyone who helped us reach this amazing goal! Wow!

PS: I’ll put the amazing new Card Guard art (used in the main image, above) from Alex in a Patron-Only post later today. 

From Shanghai with another Typhoon on the Way, 

-American (and Lulu)

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