Be Still, My Bleeding Heart

Dear Insane Children, 

Are we heading towards 3000 Patrons at the end of August? Insane! 

Myself, Martin, Lulu, and the rest of the Asylum team cannot say THANK YOU enough for all the support, trust, and love you’re sending our way!

I did a public post earlier today where I shared a snippet of the latest image from Alex along with some FAQ stuff related to the Chaos Coin. Please CHECK IT OUT if you have Chaos Coin questions!

I also posted about tomorrow’s LIVE STREAM which will take place at 7PM Hong Kong Time on Friday, 17th of August. That’s an EU-friendly start time, so if you’re on that side of the world please join us! We don’t do these often – let’s show the other side of the world how it’s done! 😉 

If you are not on that side of the world, fret not. Livestreams are captured on YouTube and watchable at any time in the future (until the world ends).

We’re often asked about the music playing at the start of the livestreams – a track from our good friend Kian How called “Haunted Garden.” He produced this track for our Out of the Woods campaign over on Kickstarter. And he’s just uploaded it to SoundCloud for you all. Enjoy!

We’ll talk more about music, art, the Chaos Coin, and Asylum design on the stream tomorrow. Hope to see you there! 

As always, post your QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS below for Martin to read!

From Shanghai with a Love-Filled Bloody Heart, 


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