Strife and Discord (and a little Chaos)

Dear Insane Children, 

Today’s post is going to be all about “strife and discord” but in a gonad way!

First up, Omri sends along The Circus Dress. And if the reaction over on Instagram, where I previewed a little snippet of this yesterday, is anything to go by this dress is going to cause a fair bit of strife…

I don’t mean to be, well, mean, but I really don’t like this ???? 

The only dress I’ve seen from Omri that I completely hate. It’s not even the dress itself (can’t see it all in this pic), but the hair… 

 So disappointing. Sigh. ? 

But it wasn’t all negative… In fact, most comments were positive…

Wow, new hairstyle! Very interesting!!!


Wow!! ????

This is adorable! I can’t wait to see the rest.

And I have to repeat, “If you aren’t failing you aren’t trying.” One of the things (I think I’ve mentioned this before) I like about what Omri’s doing is that he’s exploring. He’s got a really solid map of the ‘known territory’ and he’s poking around the edges of it in all directions to see where else we can go. 

Exploration like this is CRITICAL. It’s how we ended up with, to name a few examples, the amazing ‘hair tech’ in AMR; how we got the ‘butterfly cloud’ when she jumped; hell, it’s how we even got the first game green-lit. 

Of this new dress Omri says: 

So i had this design stuck in my head for a while, I CAN turn this design lighter in spirit if we want it to look less creepy but i thought about like, she gets into the Tweedle’s circus, she has fun, things turn dark and they force her to participate in some kind of way.
She CAN sing, i know Susie Bran can sing.
So this is literally a costume, i can turn it darker/lighter and her makeup will totally change.
I really wonder what the fans will say on this.

Well, fans, that’s your cue… what will you say? Leave your feedback, QUESTIONS, and SUGGESTIONS in the comments below. 

Do keep in mind that nothing is set in stone. We’re creating a LOT of content but none of this is guaranteed to make it into the game. Think of what we’re doing right now as mapping the possibilities. Some we’ll embrace, some we’ll discard. 


We have set up a Discord Server and linked it to Patreon. Discord is a chat app (like Skype but 10000x better) which you can access via your phone, web browser, or desktop client. Our server has lots of different channels in which we can discuss game design, story, weapons, management of the wiki, and much more. 

Patreon has a useful Help Article on Discord you might check out.
But in a nutshell, firstly, you need an actual Discord account (they’re free to set up).  Then simply go to your Patreon/Account settings page and link the two.  This should also fix the issue for the people who weren’t auto joined into our Discord, so please check out your account settings page if this is you.

We’ll work to integrate this with our live streams as well – which might allow us to do things like a Patron chat overlay and hosting guests for voice interviews and chats. Other ideas? Share those in the comments!

I did send out a link to a SurveyMonkey Page yesterday which we’re using to interview those who might like to help with Discord and our Wiki. Thing is, I stupidly forgot to include the bit where I ask the name/email address of the person taking the survey. Doh! That means the first 4 people who took the survey did so without entering any info we could use to contact them. This would have happened in the first hour of the survey being live. If you suspect you are one of those people please contact us via DM here on Patreon (or try to take the survey again?).


Quick update on the Chaos Coin Set… This morning we received the final piece of the set, The Collector Card. 

This is – for the first time in the history of The Universe – the entire Chaos Coin Set all together in one place! I swear I heard a faint humming of magik power filling my studio once all these pieces were brought together. Good thing I was wearing my brown pants. 

As you can see the full set contains the following: 

  • Elegant Logo Box with Shiny Magic Silver(tm) Chaos Symbol
  • Nifty black velvet Chaos Containment Bag
  • Level 50 Envy Inducing Frame of Holding
  • Double-sided Collector Card (1 per set)
  • The Chaos Coin (insert “ahhhhhhhhh…” sound effect)

I dunno… are you sure you should really get all this for just $35?! Martin? What have we done???

Hehe. Anyway, these are all the pieces, DONE. All this will be ready to ship next month after we’ve hit our goal and collected your shipping info. Super! 

Speaking of rewards… 


Thank you, for the feedback yesterday on the next Reward setup. Looks like we’ll set the amount at $10 – that means anyone at $10 or more when we hit the next Goal will automatically receive Embroidery Patch Set #2 (plus the Patron-exclusive patch), yes they’re shipped worldwide and yes there’s no extra shipping charge. Don’t know yet what Patron Count we’ll set the reward to trigger at but we’ll do our best to make it relatively easy… depends largely on where the count is come end of August.

From Shanghai with Clowns (yikes!),


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