Mercury Does Make One Mad

Dear Insane Children, 

And you thought the Circus Dress was the height of insanity. Ha. 



Omri’s snorted a nose-full of mercury and rendered the maddest Alice outfit of them all! When I saw this I wrote and said, “Kylie, is that you!?” 

My feedback’s been sent already but let’s see what YOU have to say about the Mercury Dress in the comments below. 


We’ll go through all your QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS (please mark them as such if you want them read during the stream) during the YouTube Livestream scheduled for Thursday, August 23rd at 09:00 Hong Kong Time. Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder. And please SUBSCRIBE while you’re there – I’m almost at 20,000 subs – yay! 

Check that date/time over on International Meeting Planner to see what time that is where you live. It’s about 20 hours from now (as I post this).

Remember, even if you subscribe, hit the bell, and sacrifice your first born to the YouTube Borg, you might still NOT get a notification when we go live. So be sure to set a separate reminder on your phone or something. We are, after all, not allowed to actually, like, subscribe, or be reminded about the content we actually WANT to see over on YouTube. Fantastic!

One of my favorite cos-players, Faerie Blossom, is working on a makeup test and outfit for the Death Dress. She sent along some impressive pictures of her progress thus far and I’ve included one of those as the YouTube cover image for this week’s stream. Go give her a follow on Instagram if you want to keep up with her progress on this!


I joked yesterday that we could solve the world’s energy problems by harnessing the endless creativity of people’s questions/problems regarding the Chaos Coin promotion. Again, if you want the Chaos Coin Set here on Patreon follow these simple rules: 

1) Pledge at $35 (or higher) before August 31st.

2) Wait until September 17th. 

That’s it. 

If you do that and then cancel your pledge after September 17th it’s fine. You’ll still get the Chaos Coin. And it will only have cost you $35.

Yes, we’ll collect your mailing address and other details (name / message for the coin) in September. 

Yes, I know it says you won’t be charged until September 5th (or something). Patreon charges you in September for the previous month (August). Just do step #1 and #2 and trust me, it’ll be fine. 

Yes, you can pledge at $75 and (if it’s your first month there) get the Chaos Coin Set, Chaos Necklace, and the Art Print for August (Alex’s Card Guard Poster). 

Yes, if you are already at $35 or some higher pledge you will automatically get the Chaos Coin. 

No, you cannot get the coin if you previously pledged $35 in some other month and are now at $2 (or any amount less than $35). You must be processed at $35 (or more) for the month of August, 2018 (a payment which Patreon will pull from you on-or-around September 5th). 

Yes, we will express mail the Chaos Coin Set to anywhere in the world with a tracking link which you can request at a later date. 

Yes, if you keep finding creative ways to make this more complicated than it is my head will explode and there will be no 3rd Alice game. At least not by me. It’ll be “Font Lord’s Alice in Fonty Land” and you’ll all be screaming about Alice’s Comic Sans Dress not being historically accurate because Comic Sans didn’t exist until 1994. 


Alright, all, I look forward to catching up with everyone on the livestream tomorrow! And I’m seriously impressed with how much our little Asylum has grown. Some real love and creativity flowing over on the Discord Server. If you’ve not yet jumped in there, do it now! 

From Shanghai with Crazy Brains, 


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