Keep Calm…..

Dear Patrons

Martin here with a reminder of the instructions we have given previously in regards to the Chaos Coin.

We have noticed that now the new month has started, the amount showing on our Patreon is starting to substantially drop.  This means people are lowering their pledge amounts.

We kindly ask that if you’re a patron who was looking to get the Chaos Coin, you maintain your pledge level up until September 17th as we asked, for the following reasons.

1) We have no idea how Patreon will view your pledge reduction if you do it too soon. You may very well miss out on getting the coin, and I don’t think you want to do that after this long wait.

2) It gives everyone’s banks plenty of time to process their pledges correctly. (some banks are slowpokes)

3) It will make data extraction easier for me when the time comes.
Please don’t give me extra work   🙁

So please…. Keep Calm and Maintain Your Pledge.  Nothing terrible will happen to you if you wait until September 17th to make adjustments.

– Cheers

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