The Day After

Dear Insane Children, 

Whew! We hit our Patron Goal, unlocked the Chaos Coin, and finished out the month of August with 2800 (no, wait, 2700)… (uh, wait, 2600) … Let’s just say “more than 2500 Patrons” – hehe. Woo!

A few of you commented on the drop in Patron numbers on September 1st. Not to worry – it’s something we see at the start of each new month. I suspect it has to do with people who “pledge” for the content and community, then drop their pledge before being charged, then come back around the 2nd week of each new month. This is probably the main reason why Patreon has implemented a “charge on pledge” feature… but let’s not get into or worry about all that right now because… 

We had an amazing month! You pushed our Patreon Page to #5 in the Gaming Category, we opened up our Discord Server, and we saw tremendous progress on all things art, design, and story. Our community is really growing – and along with that growth has come a flood of great ideas, friendships, and creativity. 

I LOVE THIS PROCESS! As I’ve said during some recent streams, I feel INVIGORATED! I can’t remember the last time in life when I felt so excited to get up in the morning, start work, check out our community, get inspired, and just jump right into everything. I really hope you’re all having an equal amount of fun. 

As Alex’s latest amazing art tagline suggests: Sanity Rots in the Heart of Darkness. SO true! We need progress, change, hell… CHAOS in order to grow, learn, and gain true wisdom. 

His latest “poster” art is, like the “Red Chesh” and “White Rabbit” images before – just fantastic.

Some of you wrote asking about making a mini-print of the White Rabbit image – so now THAT’S A THING. And for the next 13 days it’s on sale over at Mysterious. 

Speaking of White Rabbits – my trip to YiWu in search of OUR White Rabbit was a success. I met with a ton of potential factories, all of whom would love to create an Alice-inspired White Rabbit plush toy. 

More on that with the next update and next week’s livestream. 

Tons of new art, story, and design stuff rolling in. 

Join the discussion over on our Discord Server!

Couple of notes on Patreon, Chaos Coins, and whatnot… 

Give Patreon until around the 5th of September to process your pledge for August. For instance, I pledge to four different Patreons, but I’ve only been charged for one of those so far. Remember, you’re being charged at the start of September for your pledge in August. Don’t adjust your pledge until you’ve seen that email / confirmed the charge! And… please consider waiting to adjust your pledge until September 17th – this makes Font Lord’s life easier when it comes to collecting and sorting your pledge info. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda done with the whole Chaos Coin thing for now… a month of spamming, explaining, and stressing… Thank you, everyone who helped us get here and guided others along the way! 

We will set up a new Patron Goal once the Patron Count has settled a bit. That will be for the new Patch Set @ $10 when we hit 3000 Patrons (maybe 2800 Patrons?). After that, we’ll do a Goal for the White Rabbit Plush Toy… but that’s a ways off… 

So… it’s Sunday here in Shanghai. I’m bothering the neighbors with BBQ smoke… better head back out and check to make sure nothings on fire (which shouldn’t be). 

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to all the fun we’ll get up to in September! 

From Shanghai smelling like Smoke,


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