Chase Your Rabbits

Dear Insane Children, 

Persistence is key. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Failure is only the opportunity to begin again. Mistakes are proof that you are trying. And on and on… Chase your white rabbit. But as the old Confucian saying goes, “If you chase both rabbits, you catch neither.” (TED talk on that topic).

So here we are, chasing rabbits. Fortunately, we have a lot of rabbit chasers on the team these days. And Omri’s been chasing a particularly difficult rabbit for a while now… The Circus Dress. The first version was met with, shall we say, less than 100% positive feedback. The second version turned some doubters into believers. And today…

Judging by the comments on the sneak peak shots I shared over on Instagram last night… this might be IT. He’s combined all the working elements with bits of your feedback and inspiration from our favorite cosplayer, Faerie_Blossom, to achieve what I believe is a pretty flawless concept. 

What do you think? Comments below, please! 

On the topic of learning and trying and doing again… I’ve just updated the latest Patreon Goal which unlocks the 2nd set of Embroidery Patches.

The goal text (which you can see on my Patreon front page) reads as follows:

At 3222 Patrons we’ll unlock the 2nd Embroidered Patch Set with White Rabbit card-back art. Everyone at $10 (or more) that month will receive a set of 9 Patches snail-mailed anywhere in the world (free shipping)! Patrons get an exclusive 10th patch. 

I’d love YOUR feedback on this since we did see a lot of confusion around the mechanic of the previous (Chaos Coin) goal. So… is this clear enough? Is it missing out on any lessons we learned last time around? 

Why “222” you might ask. Well, we’re heading into Rabbit Season. The White Rabbit Print will be this month’s Patreon print, it’s also over on Mysterious in FULL or MINI size. And we’re working on a White Rabbit Plush to be our next big collectible item / Patreon Goal. And in Chinese the word for “rabbit” is “tu” (sounds like two) so we have 3x ? (tu) in there for good luck and whatnot 😉

Feedback, please!

I’m sitting on a couple of other new images which I’ll share tomorrow. We’ll also set a time for this week’s livestream – probably the same Thursday morning, 9AM Hong Kong time we do for the “normal” streams. 

Alright, back to chasing rabbits…

From Shanghai with ???, 


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