Power-ups, Power-ups, Everywhere…

Dear Insane Children,

…and not an enemy to kill! It’s my sincere hope that Asylum will feature sections (sections, mind you, not the entire game) where Alice (Dressed in Rage) becomes a sort of two-legged lawnmower in vast fields of her enemies. Seeing a 13-year-old girl vent her frustration and rage in the vivid sanctuary of her mind upon masses of mental demons needs to be one of our primary goals in delivering this new game. 

I’d like frustrated people everywhere to play the game and think, “Take THAT you f’ing, f’s” – especially in those moments when things in Real Life are just getting to be too much

It’s important – perhaps critical to a successful existence – that we embrace our shadow. Have I preached this before? Fine, it needs preaching again: Being too nice is how you end up being chewed on by wolves. You’ve got to recognize and embrace your own personal malice, anger, and destructive potential – and then keep it safely in your pocket for those moments when you really need it. 

Alice keeps her rage in a handy little Rage Box and snorts a bit when things get tough. Though during our last livestream we did talk about how that particular game design is less-than-ideal. At a minimum it was a power-up which needed better level design built around it. 

For the new game we’re now playing around with the idea that Alice has this massive wardrobe of dresses… here’s a small sample…

And that each of these dresses could have an alternate Chaos or Rage mode player is able to trigger at-will. Omri’s latest Rage Dress image shows how that might be reflected on two of Alice’s dresses, “Original” and “Denial.” 

What are your thoughts on power-ups, triggering them, and multiple modes for our collection of dresses? Comments below – and be sure to use SUGGESTION and QUESTION tags if you say something worthy of being called out during the next livestream.

Speaking of… 

We’ve scheduled a LIVESTREAM for Thursday, September 6th @ 9AM Hong Kong Time. Do The Thing and set a reminder by clicking that link!

Remember, YouTube is POOP when it comes to reminders – even if you’re subscribed, have clicked The Bell, and done all that other crap. But, still, SUBSCRIBE to my channel and LIKE the videos so that we might increase our reach 😛

Lots to discuss during this livestream. I know a TON of you want to get more comments in on the recently revealed revamp of the Circus Dress. And, hey, what’s this? A DeathTime Dress? WTF’s going on THERE?!

Come, join us, for the continuing adventures of Font Lord and Stick Boy in the Lands of Lava. Marvel at Stick Boy’s never-ending ability to fall in lava and burst into flames! Dazzle your eyes with Font Lord’s latest spandex wrapper! And feed Lulu treats until she explodes!!! Wee!

From Shanghai with Backwards Underwear,

-American (AKA Stick Boy)

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