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Hi there

Martin here with a quick FAQ about the Patreon Chaos Necklaces for those of you who are new at $75 and above.
We’ve had a few people asking questions about this so here they are.

1) How do I choose my necklace size?
After about a week or so into the new month and most payments are processed and data compiled, you will receive an email from us via survey monkey that asks what size you want.

2) Does the necklace and art print get shipped separately?
Yes, yes they do. They come from different locations.

3) And speaking of prints, how do I choose my art print?
Only people at the 3x$35 tier get to choose their print.

4) Where’s my necklace?
Last month’s patrons will unfortunately have a little more delay (sorry about that) due to us having to re-stock some of the necklace sizes and also that meant the shipping fell slap bang in the middle of Chinese holiday season. But if you answered the survey email, your necklace will surely get to you one day soon.

5) Can I have a tracking number?
Yes, but please only ask for that if you really REALLY really need one as we have to manually extract them from the shipping website and it’s a bit of effort.

Any more questions, feel free to PM us or sound off in the comments below.

– Cheers

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