Spreading Chaos Around the World

Dear Insane Children, 

First off, Chaos Coins are arriving with Patrons around the world. I know we told you to wait until the 15th before asking for a tracking link but it appears you really could wait a few more days. Literally every person who wrote to say they’d like a tracking link (now that it’s the 15th)… is about 24~48 hours away from receiving their shipment. So, wait?

Still, if you are super nervous and dying for info, go ahead and send us a PM… Font Lord loves looking up your tracking info! 😛 

Meanwhile those of you who have received a Chaos Coin are busy posting photos all over the interwebs. Looks like everyone is happy with the quality and content of the package. Yay! So glad we could achieve this unique goal and deliver a quality product to everyone who supported. Wonderful! Thank you! 

If you have any quality issues please just PM us – we’re happy to send you a replacement if anything is damaged or contains a manufacturing issue. That also goes for anything else you receive from us – art prints, etc. 

Uncertain how to get in touch … just PM US

Oh, and if you missed out on the Chaos Coin promotion here on Patreon, no worries… just head over to Mysterious and grab one there! 

Livestreaming in the EU and Halloween Craziness

This week’s livestream will be an EU special. That means all of our E-ewwww friends can join in without having to stay up all night! 7PM Hong Kong Time on 18th, October.

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder over on YouTube. 

While you’re there, do me a favor, make sure you Subscribe to the channel, hit the Bell Icon thingy, and also, be sure to LIKE some of our recent livestreams. Apparently this sort of activity helps YouTube decide whether or not you receive a notification when you set a reminder. The “reminder” button doesn’t actually do that! Go figure! 

Speaking of livestreams… 

THAT is a Badge of some-sort which is part of a set our good friend Jennifer D’aww is working on. There’s a series of them, each denoting a different amount of time you’ve been a Member(?) of our YouTube community… or something? She’s also done a HypnoBunny you can use to confuse and influence NightBot into giving you more prizes… 

All kinds of crazy stuff going on! Did I say CRAAAAZY?!?!?!?! Get ready… 

Chris Vrenna Livestream!!!

Our good friend and composer of the soundtrack for “American McGee’s Alice” will join us on the next-next livestream. That’s the one scheduled for 24th of October, 2018 (PST). 

Get your QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS into the comments starting NOW so that Font Lord can collect those and prepare them for this special guest appearance. 

Roger L. Jackson Livestream!!!

31st of October, 2018 (PST) – that’s Halloween! – brings the man himself, the voice of the Cheshire Cat (and many of your other favorite Wonderland crazies) to the livestream.

Again,  get your QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS into the comments starting NOW so that Font Lord can collect those and prepare them for this special guest appearance. 

Hey, it’s Halloween, of course I’m going to bring you some TREATS! 🙂 


Ka! Leggings!

If you’ve tuned into our livestreams where we’re reviewing artwork from Joey, you’ll know how much I love the onomatopoeia she draws into her illustrations. 

Well, for those of you, like me, who can’t get enough WA KA PA! We proudly present…

The WA! KA! PA! Leggings – these Jennifer-designed leggings feature the WA KA PA artwork of Joey and will give you a perfect belly button*. Impress your friends, confuse your parents! WA KA PA TODAY!

I think we should make it so when we hit 3000 Patrons, Martin has to wear this (and nothing else) on the live stream. Maybe a bunny hat too 😉

Little Nightmares

Meanwhile lots of new art rolling in… I can hardly keep up!

This image from Joey illustrates the concept of these doll enemies self-assembling based on whatever parts happen to be laying around. We discussed this idea in detail during the livestream last week. Hit THIS LINK if you missed that stream and want to watch it now.

Once again we discussed the idea (option?) of actually displaying these sound effect words in the game. I really like the idea. Some in the chat thought it would be annoying. What do you think? 

Surprise, m’er f’er… Gonna FORK YOU UP! 

These images led to much laughter and lots of brainstorming. Jennifer was even inspired to turn some of these characters into various t-shirts and apparel items (hence the leggings). Keep on eye on the Mysterious Shop for those things to start appearing. 

And we talked a bit about levels and puzzles. Which brings me to… 

The Asylum Wiki

With help from our community and specifically Magus and AsteriaVisual (go say Thank You! to them over on Discord) we’re seeing a ton of functionality and content updates. The goal being worked towards now will soon enable us to have weekly design-specific Discord group chats where we can work through details on specific areas of the game design. This will truly bring our Crowd Design efforts to life. Exciting times! 


Patch Madness

The newest set of Embroidered Patches is nearly finished and will be delivered to our shipping partner next week on Tuesday. So, hey! We need to get those Patron number up in order to unlock that goal!

Spread the word among your friends, family, and pets! 

Hmmm… Petreon… Woof?

Alright, see you all soon on the next livestream (or in the next post). 

Let me know what you think of all this insane progress in the comments below! 

From Shanghai with Woof, 

-American (and Lulu)

*Perfect belly button not guaranteed. Not responsible for WA KA PA injuries.

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