Dear Insane Children, 

First up, Alex sends along an evolution of his “Scraper” concept of which he says…

 Just sending this your way, it’s another pass on the Scraper enemy concept, which has evolved into “Tick Tock”.

It could be a “Wonderland” version of the same enemy, more designed to appear alongside other enemies in Hatter’s Domain.

A wind-up key, like a wind-up toy has been added to the back, and the “blades” are now the hands of a clock.

I imagine this version runs around for a limited time, maybe allowing easy passage for Alice when he’s all ticked out and inanimate.
But best watch yourself when he’s spun up and on the prowl.

Could allow for some SPLIT second chase scenes with Alice just getting away from a mob of these guys as they chase her, and the only reason she escapes is because they run out of puff. 

Like a constant threat, but one that can be out-manoeuvred if the player allows for their “down time”.

Sounds like a nice thing to run into down a dark alley! 

And a quick reminder that tomorrow’s livestream is Euro-time stream. Hit THIS LINK to tell YouTube you want to watch this – only to hear YouTube laugh at your request and ignore it. Or set an alarm on your phone or something. 

Welcome to Rutledge

This is the latest from Omri. F’ing fantastic! 

I’m thinking this is the print we’ll send out for November. What do you think? 

From Shanghai with Countdown to Eurotime,


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