Livestream Battle of the Bunnies

Dear Insane Children, 

This week’s livestream is set for Thursday, 17th, January, 2019 (Hong Kong Time).

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder over on YouTube. 

That’s Wednesday, 16th of January at 6PM PST for those of you in the US. 

Join us!

American and Martin come to you live from the Bunny Arena! Two bunnies enter, two dozen bunnies leave. What… That’s not how that’s supposed to work! Let’s talk about White Rabbit Plush outfits – onesies, dresses, and DLC!  

Less Than 500 To Go!

Keep up your sharing across various social media platforms – we’re now less than 500 Patrons away from hitting our 3222 Goal. Feel free to use this image: 

And this link:

If you have questions about how this Reward works, check out THIS PAGE. Lots of info over there. 

Two common questions I’ve seen recently: 

1) There’s no “$45 Tier, how do I pledge?” No, there’s no $45 Tier but “Tier” and “Pledge Amount” aren’t the same. To see what I mean… Hit the “Your Memberships” page from the Patreon Main Menu. Then click on “Edit” for a given Creator. You should see something like this: 

You can set Tier and Pledge separately. So… when we hit out goal simply adjust your Pledge to $45 and leave it there to be processed for one month. You can also select the $35 Tier (or any Tier below $45) if you’d like to record a month of the $35 Tier. 

And… I’ll tell you a secret… if you select $75 and it’s your first month at $75 you will receive the entire Rabbit Plush Collection PLUS an Art Print and Chaos Necklace. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone that… it’s a massive amount of stuff!

2) Yes, we will send out all sorts of notifications and alerts to let you know when we’ve hit our goal. And you’ll have until the end of the month in which we hit the goal to adjust your pledge. You just need to be charged at $45 for the month in which we hit the goal.

I hate explaining this stuff because it makes it all sound more complicated than it really is. We’ve been through this with the Chaos Coin and several thousand of you got through that without injury or insult… I am pretty sure we can manage it again! 🙂

If you have questions, first check out the info page linked above. Then post them in the comments below. We’ll do our best to make it all make sense! 😉 

From Shanghai with Bunnies Onesies,


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