Alice: Dabness Returns

Dear Insane Children, 

Rejoice! We’ve unlocked the White Rabbit Plush Collector Set! Yay!

We posted an update on how to adjust your pledge now that the Goal is Unlocked. You can find that via THIS LINK. PLEASE READ THIS FIRST if you have questions or comments about the 3222 Goal. 

Also, make sure you update your Pledge before January 31st. And if you have friends and family who want to take advantage of this offer – make sure they pledge before January 31st! 

Art Print for January

Joey sends along the image (above) which is what we’ll make the art print for January. She actually sent two versions of it – one with “magic” and one without… 

I prefer the image WITH magic but let us know in the comments below which one you prefer for the January art print. 

Remember that if January is your first month at $75 you can collect an impressive pile of stuff: The White Rabbit Collector Set, this Art Print, and a Chaos Necklace. Wow.

Paper Dolls

Joey also sends along an idea for Alice “paper dolls” – which you’d be able to dress up with various outfits. A neat idea. What do you think? 

Crowd Design

Did you know we’re using Patreon + Discord + YouTube + Wiki to empower YOU to join our design team? It’s true! 

Another Crowd Design episode is uploaded to YouTube. Hit THIS LINK to check it out.

And remember – you can join these Crowd Design sessions if you’re at the $5 Tier (or higher) for a month or more. That unlocks access to our secret Discord Server. From there you can hop into the weekly design discussions. 

These sessions have been a true joy for me to experience. So many smart and fun ideas flowing from our community! 

Right now we’re working through your suggestions from the Alice: Asylum WIKI

Livestream Incoming

This week’s livestream is at 10AM on 24 January (Hong Kong Time). That’s 6PM on the 23rd if you’re in the US (PST). Join us! We’ll celebrate unlocking the 3222 Goal, talk about Asylum design/story/art, and catch up on Out of the Woods, Pirate Jam, and more! Let’s celebrate!!!!

 Hit THIS LINK and set a reminder over on YouTube. 

Art Print Update + Chaos Necklace + Art Selection

Please Note: Art prints from LAST MONTH are still being sent out. There was a pretty big delay in shipments due to my traveling for the holiday + holiday shipping slowdowns. There are about 300+ art prints still needing to be done for December. Martin and I are tackling those today and tomorrow. So… please be patient in asking for updates on this topic. 

If you choose a Tier which includes a SELECTION (necklace size or art print) – then you will receive a survey email next month where you make that selection. DO NOT send your selection to us via PM or email. It doesn’t work like that! 😛 

3222 Goal Questions?

If you have questions or comments about the 3222 Goal please post those over on the 3222 Goal update. That makes it easier for us to keep track of everything and respond to you quickly. 

To do that hit THIS LINK

Another big THANK YOU. Woo!

From Shanghai with Cheeto Dab, 


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