Livestream Starting Soon

Dear Insane Children, 

A quick reminder that we’re going live on YouTube at 6PM PST on 24/1/19. 

That’s about an hour from when I am writing this post. 

Hit THIS LINK to head over and set a reminder or join the stream. 


If you have a QUESTION or SUGGESTION that you’d like addressed during the stream, leave it in the comments below and tag it as QUESTION or COMMENT! 

We are seeing lots of chatter regarding the unlocking of the 3222 Goal and what’s required to adjust your pledge, etc. So… join us as we walk through that process. 


We’re also giving away PRIZES! Today it’s 3x art prints of “Royal Blue Knight” 

These are EPIC BIG art prints which measure 90cm tall (that’s nearly 3ft). 

We’ll also give away a White Rabbit Plush!


Join us for the fun! All the Insane Children in the Asylum are in a festive mood! 

From Cheeto with Dab, 


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