Happy Chinese New Year & FAQs

Dear Insane Children, 

I have been completely off the grid for the past week. Sailing and diving across a range of remote islands in Thailand. Finally back to an island (Ko Lipe) with connection to the outside world… I checked Twitter, Facebook, the news, and… It’s a crazy ‘ol world we live in! Whew. One of these days we all need to run away to some far-away Wonderland and never look back. Seriously! 

I did notice that while I was away there were quite a few questions about what happens now that we hit our Rabbit Plush Goal and finished out the month. Font Lord was kind enough to put together this list which we hope will answer all your questions… 

Q = I haven’t been charged yet.
A = No worries.  Some people get charged later than others.  Please wait.

Q = My charge says ‘pending’
A = Also no worries.  Still wait, you’ll be charged eventually.

Q = My charge says “declined”
A = Please double check your payment details and possibly enter new ones.  Patreon will keep attempting to charge you throughout the month, so after checking/changing your details please wait to be charged. You can also contact Patreon customer support and discuss this type of issue with them. They can help!

Q = Now it’s Feb 18th and I STILL haven’t been charged. Can I change my tier/pledge details?
A = Don’t worry, some people actually get charged near the end of the month and we’d appreciate it if you kept an eye on your charge status and only changed your details after being charged. Again, consider contacting Patreon support!

Q = It’s Feb 18th and I have definitely been charged. I can change my details, right?
A = Yes, please go back into your account editing section and make sure you are actually set to a tier and not just a custom amount if you want to stick with us.
Setting your tier will automatically set the ‘choose what you pay’ amount to match the tier, but please double check this.

Q = Do I have to keep being a Patron now I’ve been charged for the Plush Bundle?
A = We’d love it if you stuck around (even at the lower tiers for Discord and Patreon access), but you don’t have to. Remember that your payment of $45 (for those of you at that level) will count towards the 3x$35 art print reward, so consider setting yourself to the $35 tier for another 2 months in order to get a fantastic art print of your choice from the previous prints we did. You can see all the lovely art currently offered via THIS LINK

Thanks, Font Lord! Now… if you still have questions, consider posting them below or, better yet, sending us a PM. We have some really lovely Insane Children helping in the comments. Big shoutout to Elaine Carass for all her help with replying to comments! (Elaine, remind me to send you a Thank You gift when I get back to Shanghai). 

Happy Chinese New Year 

It’s now officially the Year of the Pig. Oink! Back in China the whole country is essentially shut down – which is why I pick this time of year to vanish out on the ocean for a few weeks. 

I hope you’re all having a wonderful new year and that the year to come brings all the fortune and happiness that you deserve! OINK! 

For my part, I still have a few weeks of sailing around, diving, and being disconnected from the world. Access to the internet is limited or nonexistent in many of the places I’m going… so, if you don’t hear from me for a while, don’t worry. Font Lord (Martin) is taking care of Lulu AND taking care of answering your PM’s to us here on Patreon. THANK YOU, Martin! I couldn’t be an occasional sea bum without you! 

The New Year

There’s a lot that continues to go on behind the scenes with our efforts on Alice: Asylum. I had another really good email come through from a potential financier/publisher which… well, I think you all would be very happy if we partnered with that group on this project. I know I would be. Can’t wait to tell you more. And, as the Chinese New Year comes to an end, we’ll start to see more artwork, design, and story flowing from our Crowd Design efforts. 

I just want to say to everyone who is helping us make Asylum a reality, THANK YOU. You are, quite literally, the best, brightest, and most inspiring people in the world. There’s so much negativity and doubt out there. It takes a powerful knife to cut through it all and make something beautiful happen. Not only are we going to make the best Alice game to date but we’re going to show the world that there are no rules when it comes to how we make this sort of thing happen. Excellent! 

Much love to you all. Be safe, be well, and be happy. 

I’ll check back again with more pictures of paradise and updates as and when I can find a signal. 

From Lipe with Love, 

-American (missing Yan, Lulu, and… even Font Lord)

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