Rabbit Data Update

Hi Everyone

Martin here again.
I have now extracted the data from Patreon for this month.
It’s quite the large excel sheet I can tell you   🙂

Almost all of you have been charged now.
So please check your account info/billing history for February and you should see “complete” in green over on the right.  If you do see it is complete, you can go ahead and change your pledge level and tier if you need to.

As mentioned previously…
Please go back into your account editing section and make sure you are actually set to a tier and not just a custom amount if you want to stick with us.
Setting your tier will automatically set the ‘choose what you pay’ amount to match the tier, but please double check this. 

If however you check your billing history and still see February’s money has not been taken yet, please just leave things alone for a bit longer.
Some people get charged near the end of the month.
Don’t panic !  
Also don’t message us asking if we can check your bank/payment/fund settings to make sure everything is ok, because we have no access to that.

If it’s showing “Declined” still, consider changing your payment details and/or contacting your bank. It’s a bit late in the month for your payments to still be being rejected.

A couple of other bits of info that people have asked in the previous weeks.

1) I didn’t get a confirmation email about any rabbit. Am I getting the rabbit?
If you were charged at $45 or above in February, you are getting the Rabbit set.

2) When is shipping?
Probably near the end of February

3) I somehow lost access to my discord with all this pledge adjustment.
You need to be on a tier ($5 and above), not a purely custom amount to get Discord access

4) I’m sure this is my 3rd month at $35, how do I choose my print?
As you can imagine, this is a busy ole month.  You haven’t been forgotten. The print choosing emails will probably be with you in the next few days as of writing this post.

So, to summarise…
Change your pledge back to a tier instead of a custom amount if you’ve been charged.
Don’t change anything if you haven’t been charged.

– Cheers

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