Still Crazy After All These Fears – Livestream Incoming!

Dear Insane Children, 

Get ready for a LIVE STREAM over on YouTube! I’ve set the time for 10AM on Thursday, March 7th (Hong Kong Time). That’s 6PM PST on March 6th for those of you in the US (West Coast).

You know the drill… hit THIS LINK to set a reminder over on YouTube. Hit the Reminder Bell. It’ll remind you that YouTube’s notification system is crap. So set an alarm on your dog. That’ll probably work better.

WARNING: External Internet connections from China are still being attacked by The Great Firewall. We can’t guarantee this stream won’t get The Hammer … but we’ll just have to try and see. (Way to go, China… really inspiring digital creators to stick around…)

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Fleshtacle Knight

Not to be confused with his porn industry cousin. Alex sends along an enemy concept with design notes on his attacks and method for defeating him. Lovely stuff! Reminds me a bit of the challenge arenas in Breath of the Wild – not at all a bad thing. I really enjoy fighting enemies who require engagement with the environment in order to defeat them.

What do you think of this design? Would you like to see more enemies designed in this fashion?

Omri says he’s working on a glorious new poster illustration which is going to take some time to complete. If it’s anything like “Welcome to the Asylum” I’m sure we’ll all love it.

Speaking of “Welcome to the Asylum,” we’ve made this the art print for February… meaning those of you who were at an eligible tier for that month will receive this in the mail.

Font Lord says, “Those of you waiting on surveys for art prints – fear not! They should be sent out next week.” I think he’s hoping to reduce the number of emails and comments on this topic – hint, hint 😉

Ashen Rabbit is taking shape. Not really sure this is the final name for the new studio… but we’ve yet to come up with something better. What do you think? Name ideas?

This is a page from the Work in Progress “Studio Pitch Document” we’re currently working on. This document will be personalized for each of the large publisher/financiers we’re talking to. This one is obviously pointed towards Amazon. No, that doesn’t mean Amazon will end up being involved with the project in any way – we’re still in the pitch phase. But they are one of several companies with whom we’re engaged in discussions around a new Alice game (and a new studio).

We can take a quick peek at this document during the livestream tomorrow – and talk about the progress we’re making on various fronts – Thai government, potential publishers, platforms, financiers, etc. Lots going on.

We did a poll recently regarding platforms and devices on which you play games. Again, I want to stress that we’ve made no decision on this sort of thing … other than being committed to publishing across as many platforms as makes sense. I imagine that means we’re going to target PC (and all that implies), Xbox, PS, and Switch. By the time we go to market these platforms will have a massive combined install base which should help ensure the widest possible launch. That’s our goal.

An insane amount of my time lately has gone towards organization and planning for Pirate Jam 2019.

I know most of you aren’t here for updates on my salty sea adventures…  So, I feel I must apologize. The event kicks off on March 29th and runs until April 7th. From March 24th to April 10th I’ll be in Thailand overseeing everything.

Once the event is over you can expect things to go back to “normal” around here. Until then, please excuse anything that looks like less attention being paid to Alice: Asylum. There’s still roughly the same amount of energy being spent on All The Things… it’s mainly an issue of not having time left to write Patreon Updates regarding everything that’s going on.

I wish there were more hours in the day! Or maybe I can train Lulu to type…

See you all tomorrow!

From Shanghai with Love and Args,


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