Mini Update

Hi everyone.

Martin here again with a few bits and pieces to tell you about while American is up to his eyeballs in salty sea-dog pirate shenanigans.

Yes, tomorrow (March 12th)  we’re back doing the Discord live-chat/design meeting.

This will take place at 9am HK time, so please check to see what time this is in your particular location due to recent daylight savings changes, and then come and join us for the fun.

At the top of this page you’ll see some rather lovely sketchings from Joey that shows you what other images she’s currently working on.
Joey says….

I am working on several concept idea, mainly focus in “Bargain Area”, ’cause we have so few images for this place.

I have now 6 images, depicting different phases of this area, they are either fighting ground or puzzle solving or just leaving/arriving part.

Now I am setting the theme of ‘Amusement Park’ to bargaining stage, all those happy items are trying to drive Alice away from her sorrow, the boss of this stage are those Tweedle brothers. When Alice first arrived this place, she would either fly here with her umbrella or through a long tunnel, she may climb out from a huge broken doll, like in the sketch, and see the whole place. 

Ghost house or Haunted house is needed for each amusement park, I am setting Alice on a cup wheel instead of just walking, she needs to duck those attack from the wall and also use long distance weapon to hit either enemies or bars.

Slides is like what we have in AMR, but I don’t think we should have them on each stage. Only here maybe, she jump on the slid and heading to the circus tent, where the boss fight is going to take place.

Flying carousel is also a phase between 2 different places, she may encounter the cat, they talk while on the rabbit instead of the horse. I will describe how the carousel flies in the later images. (cannot see the function on this sketch)

Cup maze, Alice need to figure out how to get to the stairs via jumping onto those tea cups, and not hurt by the hot tea underneath and from the bottle.

Botanical Room/House, Jump on lotus leaves, there are several ways Alice may choose, each leads to different area, she will get a bonus or face some enemies or see a sub-mission, I will draw more detail and possibilities when I get to work on this one.

Here are all the things coming up to me till now, I will work on them one by one later:)

So, what do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

Just reminding you all again, that if you’re at a custom pledge amount, can you please set yourself back to simply being at a tier.  There’s over 200 of you who this applies to.  You know who you all are   😉

Those of you who’ve had their 3rd month at the $35 tier, and also those of you at $75 who will get a necklace will be getting your emails in the next couple of days.  Yay !

– Cheers   

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