Off With Her Head – Art Print

Dead Insane Children, 

One of our inmates wrote and asked, “When are you releasing Off With Her Head as an art print?!” And I realized… Hey! We’ve not released that image as an art print! A shame too, because it’s one of my favorite poster images from Omri. 

So, thanks to her gentle reminder we’ve decided to make “Off With Her Head” what you’ll get for March if you’re at the $75 Tier. Or if you’re doing the 3/$35 Tier you can select this as your next art print. Either way, more tentacles for everyone! 

Have I ever told you how much I love tentacles? 

When I was a wee lad, maybe 8 years old, my mother dated a grumpy guy who had a boat. He wasn’t a very nice guy and also wasn’t particularly fond of children. One day we went out on his boat to explore some big ol’ Texas lake. We stopped offshore for some swimming and fishing and lunch. 

I was an excellent swimmer but also a bit nervous when it came to encounters with creepy crawlies of the deep. Grumpy guy knew this and decided it would be funny to throw me from the boat into a patch of lake grass. Lake grass sounds harmless enough when you’re sitting on shore reading about it. But when you’re a kid in the water it feels like a million slimy tentacles wrapping themselves around you just before you’re pulled down to a watery grave. 

My mom broke up with grumpy guy but the horror of the lake grass tentacles stuck with me until a few years ago. This is a useless, even dangerous fear to carry around. Especially when owning a sailboat, diving in the ocean, and being in constant contact with the sea.

So I started throwing myself into the ocean. Hundreds of meters off shore. At night. Naked. 

And I’d just float there waiting for tentacle-monsters to rise up from the depths and bite me in half. Or at least nibble my bits.

But nothing ate me. And I learned to relax and love tentacles.

The moral of the story is that you have to run towards your fears. Or maybe even jump into them – naked! 

From Shanghai with Tentacles, 


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