Crowd Design Session #7 (Now With Tentacles!)

Dear Insane Children, 

Get ready for another Crowd Design Session! We’ll do this on our Discord Channel at 6PM PST on Monday, April 15th (that’s 9AM on the 16th for those of you here in China with me). 

During this session we’re going to have a look at the crowd Suggestions for Game Play in Alice: Asylum. Hit THIS LINK to check out that section of the Wiki. 

Have questions about Discord? Hit THIS LINK and read more! 

Cheshire Kitten Design

Speaking of Crowd Design, I’d like to start talking about potential designs for our next Physical Reward here on Patreon. Lots of people asking for a Cheshire Kitten…

Compared to the White Rabbit Plush this design will be much more challenging in terms of manufacturing. But, hey, we gotta push forward to improve, right?

I think a plush version of a Cheshire Kitten would be cool. The trick will be to get the right mix of quality / price / weight / materials / and design spec. The $45 price we had for the White Rabbit Plush felt right to me… thoughts on that? I don’t think we could go lower and deliver what I have in mind for the Kitten. Could we go higher? You tell me!

Once we have some design images from our art team I’ll share those here and you can share your feedback and thoughts. 

I’ve already started a chat with Alex, Omri, and Joey on this topic. And I sent along some bag ideas to Alex… 

The idea being that we’d produce a furry Cheshire Kitten and then ship him inside a faux leather collector bag. The final design would be something unisex – so that everyone could carry their Cheshire Bag around town. Meow.

Over the years we’ve had lots of requests for faux leather bags at Mysterious… so I reckon this news should make lots of you very happy? 

Anyway, let me know in the comments below what you think of a Cheshire Kitten as our next Goal… share your ideas about how that Plush might be presented… and let me know your thoughts on a Collector Bag to go along with the Plush. 

The main question is: Do we want to pursue this as our next Goal? Meow?

Art Print for April

Omri’s “Sacrifice Your Queen” art print is ‘this month’s print’ (AKA you’re charged on/around 5th of May for the month of April and you get this art print). And you could select this as your 3/35 print at the end of April (or in the future when you’ve hit 3 months at 35). 

Art Prints go to special Tiers, so adjust your Tier if you want this slice of awesome…

This is certainly one of my favorite prints we’ve produced so far. Excellent chance to get your hands on it!

Lots of art in progress behind the scenes. Should have new images to share with everyone later this week – Live Stream will resume at the usual time/place. I’ll send out a reminder for that soon. 


Usual Housekeeping

Once again, Font Lord asks me to remind everyone that global shipping is experiencing some sort of weird slowdown. We’re seeing this with items we’ve sent for Patrons and for orders sent from Mysterious. 

Seems “5 Weeks” is the new “20 Business Days” when it comes to International Shipping.

No idea what’s going on (aside from the previously mentioned “Chicago USPS Sorting Center Problem”)… but just be aware. Things are taking longer than usual to ship around the world. 

As always, PM US if you have questions or concerns. 

See You Tomorrow!

Please join us for the Crowd Design Session! But if you can’t make it don’t fret! We’ll upload the session to YouTube so you can watch it at a later time. 

From Shanghai with Lulu,


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