Modular Dresses

Dear Insane Children, 

As many of you are aware we’re still searching for the right design concept(s) to contain all of our dresses and their powers. I would like to lock dresses to domains because this makes the most sense from a narrative structure and delivery perspective. Many of you would like to access any dress you’ve collected at any time in the game and use it on demand. As we continue working through this topic…

A quick idea from Omri on the topic of dresses. Take it away, Omri! 

Modular Dresses

1. I (Omri) think the dresses should remain Per Realm. That’s Alice, it’s a trademark.

2. In this way that the player can take out a “part” if it’s a golden egg or something from the dress and ALL the other dresses will have the same “Socket” not necessarily same Skull at the back, just the same shaped hole. It can give an edge to the player With their favorite dress AND it’s not too complex to achieve technically. i think.

3. For the UI it’s just seeing Alice as usual standing but adding a list of “emeralds” that you can pick only One.

4. You unlock each “Power” after you got the dress. 

5. you can replace the “Power” to every design you fancy most.

6. A GENERAL THOUGHT  We need to decide which ones go in according to How many cosplayers did that look. because no one really did the Far east one or the doll one. those were a waste of looks.

Skull Power! 

Sounds to me (American) like what Omri’s suggesting might work. Dresss are locked to domains but the power (skull) you picked up with a previous dress can be carried forward to a future area and slotted into whatever dress you’re wearing at that time. 

Make sense? 

What say ye, Insane Children? 

Pirate Jam, Mateys!

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From Shanghai with Arrrrg, 

-American (and Captain Lulu)

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