Chainsaws and China Cups

Dear Insane Children,

Were I sharing this with any other type of children I’d … well, I’d not share it! Blood and violence ahead! 

Today we have a collection of weapon design ideas from Alex. With blood! Yay!

Of what’s presented here, Alex says the following: 

I feel as long as every weapon has a unique use on the roster, and the weapon has a fun gameplay strategy to use, it’s welcome.

If the weapons are to be earned, they’d serve well as rewards for narrative milestones and mid-boss / level boss battles. The boss battles could be connected to the weapon gained by defeating them.

And obtaining a weapon can serve as good story beats.

I think we need balance between classic weapons that are symbolic to the series, and introduce fresh weapon concepts into the mix.

I feel if we base the majority of weapons on real world toys, we’re wasting the “wonder” of Wonderland. However, I love the idea of young Alice using toys and what’s available to her when she is “defenceless” at the start of the game. Love the marble idea in stealth sections Omri.

The Victorian-era medical/asylum world is full of its own horrible weapon inspiration too.

I’m sure we’ll arrive at an interesting final weapon load-out.

I’ve had a bit of play with getting some weapon deets on paper.

Rather than start from the physical object / weapon in Alice’s hand, I wanted to think of combat options, and interesting / fun mechanics in-game.

Then apply a physical weapon to the combat option.

I’ve attached some weapon concepts for primary and secondary firing types, plus some details on how they could perform in-game.

All fast and loose and here to thrash about, but here to get the conversations rolling.

Have also attached a concept for a “Mad Hatter’s Table Setter”.
A weapon pulled out of the testing labs of the old mad bloke himself, which I had a bit of fun on.

Some really wonderful concepts contained in there. And presented in a way that really helps to sell the use cases, modes, and effects. 

I have to admit I laughed out loud at the image of Alice chainsawing that Card Guard. It’s so funny to think of Alice running around cutting her enemies in half with that thing – obligatory DOOM-style “putt-putt-putt vvrrooooom!” sound effects – I might even ignore that it’s a terrible anachronism. 

But I’ll leave it to you kids… Can Alice have a chainsaw? 

And what do you think of the other concepts presented here? 

What’s the mix of weapons you want to see? New designs? Previously seen designs? A mix of both? And what about “magical” vs. “realistic” (at least as realistic as a weapon in Wonderland might be)? 

We look forward to your thoughts in the comments below! 

From Shanghai with Vroooom, 


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