Rutledge Asylum – “Certified Insane” Tag

Dear Insane Children, 

You have only until May 31st to take advantage of this offer.  Is it still May 31st where you are? You can still qualify. Act now!

A reminder that we’ll ship a uniquely numbered Asylum Patient Tag to every Patron at $15 (or above) for the month of May. A couple of notes on this offer:

  • Pledge $15 (or more) for May and you’ll automatically receive a tag. 
  • May is this month. We are in May. You need to PLEDGE NOW. 
  • Patreon charges are like a utility bill. You pay for May in June.

Still confused? Follow these instructions: 

Step 1: Set your Tier to $15, $35, or $75 RIGHT NOW! DO IT! NOW! 

Step 2: Wait until June 15th. 

Step 3: Is it after June 15th? That’s it. Adjust or remove your pledge/tier.

Step 4: Carry on. Your tag will arrive in the mail soon-ish.

A couple of FAQs

Q: Can I have my name on my tag? A: No, this would murder Font Lord. 

Q: Can I have a specific number? A: No, this would cause American to hari-kari.

Q: I have allergies to… A: Paint the metal with clear enamel (finger nail polish).

Q: Will this be available outside of Patreon? A: No. This is a Patreon exclusive. 

Q: What’s my tracking number?! A: We don’t start shipping until late June 2019.

Q: How long for delivery? A: 20~35 business days to most places in the world.

Q: Do you deliver to XYZ Country? A: Yes, we delivery everywhere in the world!

Q: How much is shipping? A: FREE – but you are responsible for VAT and any/all additional charges.

You have only ONE WEEK left to take advantage of this offer. 

From Shanghai with Insanity, 


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