Slumber Before the Fire

Dear Insane Children, 

It is the nature of Chaos to arrive when we least expect it. Order and calm are the natural origin of Chaos. And Chaos is the precursor to order. Like sleep turns to waking and waking to sleep. Somewhere in the divide is Slumber – that space where time passes without awareness, without concern. 

We drive to work without being aware of the actions we perform or the route we take. Until one day there’s an instantaneous explosion of glass and steel. Our world is turned upside down but we’re hardly aware of how we got to this place. Where did THAT come from? And then we struggle to put the pieces together again, until once again… we slumber. 

The Slumber

One aspect of Alice’s story we’ve never really explored is her life before the asylum, before the fire. We’ve seen brief glimpses and heard the distant screams but never viewed that world as Alice saw it in The Slumber. 

With Asylum we have an opportunity to explore and be a part of Alice’s world before the Chaos. To see and hear her family in the moments leading up to the explosion of their reality. 

That’s a world illuminated by this latest illustration from Omri. A snapshot of the space we’ll explore, through Alice’s eyes, at the start of Asylum. 

What do you hope to see there? And how might that change your view of Alice and her struggle? 

We’ll discuss this – and more – during the livestream on YouTube tomorrow. 

Live Stream

Same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel… You know the drill!

That’s 6PM PST on May 22nd. Or 9AM on the 23rd here in Shanghai. 

Hit THIS LINK to set a reminder. Better yet, buy a dog, train it to set an alarm for the correct time, and give it a treat. That’ll probably work more reliably than the YouTube reminder system! 

Don’t be late! 

From Shanghai with Zzzzz,


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