Crowd Design Session for Today

Dear Insane Children, 

Just a quick heads-up that we’ll host a Crowd Design Session over on Discord in a few hours. That’s at 6PM PST on May 27th (9AM on the 28th here in Shanghai).

What’s Discord? Check out THIS LINK to learn more. One important thing to keep in mind: You have to have a first month pledge processed at $5 (or more) in order to unlock Discord access. 

Today’s Topic: UI discussion based on Alex’s UI/UX images. Those were shared previously in THIS POST. We’ll cover some of the comments from that post and gather your general feedback on this topic. 

All this information will be funneled into our Alice: Asylum Design Wiki

Speaking of the Wiki, there are some great updates (Thanks, Taylor & Omri) to the pages for Slumber and Shock.

See you soon!

From Shanghai with The Crowd, 


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