Slumber to Chaos

Dear Insane Children, 

First up, a NOTICE regarding the next Crowd Design Session! Here’s the timetable:

We host these sessions on our Discord Server. Hit THIS LINK to read more about Discord and how to access our server. 

If you’d like to join the discussion about Alice: Asylum design, story, and more – this is the place! Join us!

Storyboard Update

Joey sends along updated storyboards for the opening scene(s) of Asylum. These detail what we’ll (maybe) see at the start of the game.

As a complete intro to the next adventure, I think it’s great. How this fits into our vision of entering the game in a sort of “bystander” mode, viewing the world through Alice’s eyes, and experiencing life before the fire… there are some bits missing. 

I’m thinking it might work like this: 

Fade from White – Snow drifting from a slate grey sky as the camera pans down on the Liddell House. The camera flies through a window and into Alice’s room. We have Control of Alice as our Player Character. 

Over the next 5~10 minutes we live a life in the day of Alice Liddell (pre-fire). This gives us an introduction to interface, controls, and Alice’s backstory. 

Night falls. Alice is tucked into bed and…

 Fade from White – Snow drifting from a slate grey sky as the camera pans down on the Liddell House. 

NOW enter into Scene 2-Frame 4 (the girls building a snowman). 

That gives us the gameplay interaction at the start, slow build introduction, and the intro cinematic with transition into Wonderland.

Do I think this is final? No. But it’s a great placeholder for now. And, who knows? Maybe it’ll be the final intro to the game. As we go forward I’d like to explore the following: 

a) Is there a point in the intro for exposition/coverage of Alice’s entry into the Asylum?
b) If (a) isn’t at the start, where does it take place?
c) How are we handling transitions from Wonderland back to reality?
d) How might (c) get us back to scenes in the Asylum to deliver more of (a)? 

Certified Insane Tags – Shipping Update

Tags will start sending to Insane Children THIS WEEK. Expect ~30 Business Days for delivery to most people around the world. 

Keep in mind the following! As soon as we have tracking numbers from our logistics partner those numbers will be loaded into Backerkit and you’ll automatically receive an email with  the tracking link. And…

There are MULTIPLE BATCHES of tags going out – depending on when you completed your survey and when Font Lord uploaded that info to our logistics partner. If you see others receiving their tracking links or tags before you: stay calm.

After all that, wait until the End of July to ask Font Lord for tracking info if you feel you have reason for concern. You can do that by PM’ing US.  

Lulu Running, Swimming, and Jumping!

We all love Lulu. And Lulu loves you too! 

Yesterday might have been the most fun Lulu’s ever had in a single day. And if you’re feeling sad and need a smile… you could find worse ways to cheer up than to watch this :30 second clip of Lulu running, swimming, and jumping. 

CLICK HERE to feel joy with Lulu. 

From Shanghai with Smiles,

-American (and Lulu)

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