Certified Insane Around the World

Dear Insane Children, 

Insane Children around the world are receiving their Certified Insane Tags and sharing their madness online. A few Instagram posts are shared above.

I’m glad to see everyone is happy with the results of this effort. Even more happy that we can celebrate our madness together! It’s such an honor and a pleasure to be engaged with and supported by such a diverse, interesting, and talented group of people from all walks of life, cultures, and locations around the world. Thank you! 

Crowd Design Session + Live Stream Schedule Adjustment 

My wife is roughly ~7 weeks away from D-Day (Delivery Day)! She now appears to be growing visibly with each passing hour. And is finding it increasingly difficult to make her way to work and back. So she’s going on a reduced hour schedule for a few weeks before taking maternity leave. 

That’s all a long way of explaining that for a few weeks, the Start Time for our Crowd Design and Live Stream events will be +1 hour later than the usual. Here in China we usually start at 9AM. Now it’ll be 10AM. For those of you in the US (Shaky Coast) that’s going from 6PM PST to 7PM. 

Adjust your reminders accordingly!

And we will have another Crowd Design Session TOMORROW (per the timetable above) at that time. 

Join us as we continue to explore Ideas/Suggestions from the Asylum Wiki

Don’t know how to join? Check out THIS LINK for information on our Discord Server. 

Mushroom Head Swirls

Remember how we had that art print called “Mushroom Head” and there were two versions? One with and one without SWIRLS? And how we voted on which to print – and some of you cheated or something… So the not-swirls version “won?” 

Anyway, the SWIRLS version is now available via Backerkit and at the Mysterious Shop for those of you who wanted the (obviously superior) version WITH SWIRLS!

If you’re on the 3/$35 Tier just keep in mind that this is now also an option 🙂 

Speaking of Backerkit…

Font Lord Update

He says, “Expect Backerkit surveys within the next 2 days – if you were a 3x$35 Backer.” Apparently all the data’s been wrangled and sent off to the guys at Backerkit. 

He also wanted me to mention that around 145 Insane Children have not completed their Tag Survey over on Backerkit. If you don’t complete your survey then you can’t receive your tag. If you recall completing the survey and/or have received an email with tracking details for your tag shipment, then don’t worry. 

If you think there’s some sort of problem with your survey email, your 3/$35 stuff, etc… then please hit THIS LINK and send us a Private Message here on Patreon. 

Cheshire Kitten Update

Before we can properly start the push to promote the Cheshire Kitten Plush Collector Set, I need these things in my hands: 

1) Final prototype of the Cheshire Kitten Plush (DONE)
2) Final prototype of the Nylon Bag (IN PROGRESS)
3) Cheshire Cat Embroidered Patch (DONE)
4) Concept Art of the Cheshire Lair (IN PROGRESS)

Since we’re missing two of the major elements I need to complete the set, I don’t feel comfortable starting the push to unlock this goal. As such, the Goal Amount is still set unreasonably high. 

I don’t think July will be the month we make this push. Safer to assume it’ll start on August 1st, 2019. So, if you’re mainly here for the Cheshire Kitten Plush Collector Set, please keep your pledge at the $1 “Unlock The Rewards” level – or at a higher level if you’re interested in the perks that come with those Tiers. 

August Will be Crazy 

There’s so much going on these days… TONS of stuff behind the scenes that I can’t even talk about. A baby on the way. Massive progress on various projects. I haven’t even mentioned Pirate Jam stuff! Whew boy! 

And pushing the Cheshire Kitten to that month… 

I can just imagine the baby arriving around the same moment we unlock our Kitten goal. Meow! 

See you all on the Crowd Design Session tomorrow! 

Lots more updates coming later this week. 

From Shanghai with MOAR!


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