Mysterious Labels

Dear Insane Children, 

A quick heads-up for all of you who receive Art Prints from us – either via the 3/$35 Tier, the $75 Tier, or when you order directly from Mysterious

As you are aware, these prints are individually signed (by American), quality inspected by Lulu, hand-packed, and then shipped from Shanghai to Insane Children around the world. 

Previously, we rolled the art and then secured it with “individually unique, hand-crafted fastening devices” (AKA white masking tape torn into little bits). These bits of tape tended to come loose during shipping, leaving the art prints semi-stuck in the shipping tube. 

Going forward, we’ll start using Mr. Fancy Pants(tm) Metallic Logo Labels to secure the tubes. Not only do these look better, but they stick like crazy. No more premature print unfurling during transit! 

They’re also an Indicator of Authenticity – along with American’s signature – proving that your art print came through official channels. 


You’ll need to take care when opening your art prints since these labels are designed to STICK and STAY. 

Don’t peel them off! Slice them in half! Use a knife, razor blade, or best of all a razor-knife… and slice through the label along the edge of the print. 

Like so…

Easy peasy. 

The Greatest Show…

And another quick heads-up regarding the next art print… 

This is the print we’re sending out next (the print for the month of July, for which you’ll be charged in August – don’t get me started on the confusion of Patreon’s current month vs. charge month nonsense!). 

As you can see from the photos, we’re currently prepping all the “Perfectly Unbalanced” prints for shipping this week. Those prints turned out beautifully. And will feature the fancy new sticker-label-authenticity-fasteners. Hence this post. 

PS: The label contains the Chinese character ? (ao – sounds like “oww, I stubbed my paw)  for “mysterious” and “obscure” which, in Chinese, usually carries more than a hint of darkness. 

From Shanghai with Grrrr, 

Quality Inspector Lulu

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