Cheshire Kitten Adoption Certificate (Tag)

Dear Insane Children, 

Above I’ve shared a draft of what the Cheshire Kitten Adoption Certificate tag might look like. And I would like your feedback on the design, contents, and placement. Here’s the idea so far… 

  • This tag will measure 10x10cm 
  • It will be placed inside the Cheshire Cat Nylon Bag below the snap-pocket.
  • It will be made from a white nylon material with black print… similar to this: 

I believe this design and text as written does everything we need… but let me know in the comments below if there’s any improvement we might make, if anything is missing or unclear… or if your initials are PN that you just don’t like it because reasons 😉 

Because this tag is associated with the Cheshire Kitten but sewn into the bag in which he’ll arrive… we need to keep in mind that these two products will never be offered separately. If you want a bag, you’ll have to get a kitten – and vice-versa. 

For those of you who want just-the-bag — fear not! We do intend to produce more of these types of bags with varying designs (give us your ideas) in the future. 

Live Bag Stream

The bag sample we have in hand was featured heavily in yesterday’s Livestream on YouTube. If you’d like to see me put the bag over my head and provide other demonstrations of its use and qualities… hit THIS LINK

From Shanghai with Bag Brains,


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