Tarot – Swords & Air – Phantasmagoria!

Dear Insane Children, 

Omri sends along a new concept image which continues our exploration of Tarot elements infused with a collection of enemies in Asylum. 

Do you remember the Phantasmagoria and Boojum from AMA? I do! And BOY HOWDY do I hate those two! 

If you watched my Let’s Play of AMA and AMR you’ll recall my repeated statements of disdain for flying enemies – especially when found in console game titles. In an FPS on PC with mouse-keyboard… OK, I can deal with it. But when you throw flying enemies at me in a console game with free-look type controls (little or no lock-on)… bleh! 

SO I want to preface my response to Omri with this: I like the art/story concept of these characters and how they fit into the lore that we’re crafting for Asylum. But I hope that if we do bring them back we do it in a way which addresses my never dying disdain for flying enemies. 

Omri says, 

“So my thought about the Swords suit / Air Element

was had the Boojum and the Phantasomething in AMA and it never made any sense to me that they were so singular, i think it can be fun to have these specific enemies or something similar to them in this concept.

 i think it’s an interesting way to see flying enemies, BUT i also fear that maybe it’s not original enough. “

To which I responded, 

“I really like this idea. There are certainly plenty of elements in AMA which seem to exist on their own – outside of the Wonderland books – and which are never carried over into AMR. Could be fun to provide context for them – origin stories and anchor points. 

During this week’s Crowd Design Session we touched on a similar topic/issue – that of The Dollmaker (who will be referred to as the Toy Maker in Asylum) and the how-why of his appearance and disappearance. If he’s in Asylum why is he not in AMA? It’s a good question which leads to answers which can increase the mystery and engagement of the narrative.”

But WHO CARES what we think?! Let’s hear what YOU think!

Flying enemies? Phantasmawatchathingies? Boojums? 

Let us know in the comments below!

Music To Inspire

I previously shared an album from Max Richter when talking about music which inspires me. That was “Four Seasons Recomposed by Max Richter” and I often work with that in the background. 

Lately I’ve found a new “put it on and listen all day while working” album and it also happens to be from Mr. Richter. 

It’s the soundtrack to the TV series “Taboo” and you can listen to it on YouTube via THIS LINK

While we’re on the topic of “Taboo” – definitely worth a watch. The sets, design, characters, dialog, actors… all Spot On. And in many ways relevant to the era and mood of Asylum (London, c1814). It’s perfectly dark, magical, and unforgiving. 

Tell me you don’t see the Circus in Denial when listening to THIS.

Or see Alice alone in the Asylum lamenting the loss of her family with THIS

“If the dead don’t sing, then how do I hear them?” 

From Shanghai with Singing,


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