Crowd Design the Christmas Poster Pt. 2

Dear Insane Children, 

Ever since the arrival of our Littlest Insane Child I’ve had this constant Sense of Christmas. Like that pressure you feel just before the arrival of a big storm except this is mingled with the memory of tinsel, candy canes, fake plastic trees, and eggnog. This child feels like the biggest gift I never knew I wanted.

I know you come here for the tentacles and knives but… 

And Now For Something Complete Different 

A note from Omri along with his latest updates to the Christmas Poster (attached above). 

I tried to insert Alchemy symbols… it doesn’t work for me, the concept of Christmas clashes for me with Alchemy, it’s too much stuff on one image.

I merged the symbolic designs of the Asylum into the image, i need to render it out fully,

I placed the text Alex advised.

 Should this be a card or a poster? 

I’m happy with the result. I mean… it’s got tentacles! It’s got what plants crave.

What do you think? Are all the elements there? Any final adjustments?

The BIG QUESTION is – what should we do with this? 

Card, Poster, or Other?

My initial thought is that I’d love to mail this out as a Thank You post card to Insane Children around the world. But we have to keep in mind that any sort of mailing (with tracking) will be ~$8USD per item… which if we were to send it to ~4000 Insane Children would be ~$32,000USD. And I don’t know how much we could protect the card from damage in transit unless we put it in a box… which increases cost… 

Then I was then thinking that we could bundle this as an Art Print with an upcoming shipment of the prints that would normally go out. As we’ve suggested for October – when there will be Two Prints in One Tube. Maybe we send this out in the tubes for November (along with the regular print for that month)? The only “problem” with this is that it means only those who are eligible to receive art prints would get it… 

Maybe some sort of hybrid… It’s a Post Card sent to all at $10 (or above) for a certain month + it’s bundled as an Art Print for everyone receiving a print that month? 

Difficult decision… since I want this to be a holiday Thank You type of thing but also have to be realistic about the costs associated with shipping such a thing. 

Any ideas? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Registration Day! 

Yan and I are off to the ?????? (identification card office) where we’ll officially register ?? as a person and citizen of China. We’ve still not 100% settled on an English name. We got so used to calling “her” Lily while he was in the womb. Hard habit to break. 

A boy called Lily? 

“Dad, why did you name me Lucky?” “Because you’re lucky we didn’t name you Lily!” 

From Shanghai with Lucky,


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