Mysterious Makeup Box – Crowd Design

Dear Insane Children, 

I posted this over on Instagram but figure there are a few of you here on Patreon who might also be interested in the discussion… 

Feedback Time! Comment below on these design concepts for the Mysterious Makeup Box Set.

We’re working on the art and design for the box which contains the makeup box-set. The items in the box set will have their own box artwork – based on the “Alice and Flamingo” image by Joey.

A simple reference image for this is presented in the first picture (top left). For the box set artwork – what style do you prefer? Style (A) is simple – just the butterfly wings and “Mysterious” brand name. Style (B) adds a subtle pattern to the mix. And Style (C)… well… Yan and I like (A). And we want to further simplify this presentation by removing the Chinese “?” character from next to the “Mysterious” brand name. We also want to remove the artwork on the box sides – and just leave the sides empty.

We’re going for a “less is more” approach because we think this lends an air of maturity and quality to the product presentation. When we look at existing brands in the makeup space we see that it’s usually the cheaper (quality/cost) brands which tend to go really splashy on the box artwork. Higher-end brands tend to be minimalist in terms of colors and density of visuals.

Put simply: The “Insane” box would work well if we were making another “Out of the Woods” card game. For a makeup line which we hope to position mid-market, we think the more subtle approach works better.

But, hey, maybe we’re wrong! YOU tell us what box style you prefer! (A) (B) or (C)? We look forward to your comments and feedback. And will use your input to guide the next steps towards making this project a reality.

Credit to @alexceeart for the excellent design work.

PS: The comments over on Instagram are really blowing up. Seems the voting is heavily leaning towards (C). That’s not what Yan and I thought would work best – but then that’s the point of opening this conversation up to you, the fans. 

We look forward to your comments! 

From Shanghai with Insane, 

-American & Yan

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