How Many Hands is That Horse, Man?

Dear Insane Children, 

Continued evolution on the Bumby as Shopkeeper concept images. 

Above you’ll see Omri’s reworking based on our comments. This is “spider hole” Bumby + Mechanical Hands. In this version we’d hear but not see Bumby. And his hands would handle all the interactions in the shop and with Alice. 

Another idea is presented here – Centaur in Oxford Bumby. Much lighter, more whimsical, and inviting. 

Of these ideas I said to Omri…

I think either one of these work. But if I had to choose… I would go for the “hands” shop. Why? 

Well, the centaur idea is too cute. What I had in mind was some sort of puppet centaur – a mechanical animal type thing – fixed in place at the counter in the shop. It along with the hands would be operated remotely – as would be other machines and items in the shop. This would be a nod to players of AMR who caught the “centaurs in Oxford” line and would not be a spoiler for anyone who had not already played that game. 

The hands work. Maybe still need a bit of refinement. I’d like to know what holds them up. Perhaps storm clouds? A little bit of snow always falling from them. Flashes of lightning contained within? Again, this is a nod to AMR players but doesn’t spoil anything if you’ve not yet played the game. If you have played the game… I think it’s not a great leap to wonder if Bumby = Toyshop … and I think this precursor example of him is an interesting and creepy interaction for those in the know. 

I’ll share these two with the Insane Children and we can measure their reactions. 

There you have it. Handyman or horseyman? 

Let us know in the comments below!

Paging Dr. Goomby

Anyone else find it funny that while we’re discussing the design of Bumby for Asylum… Google has THIS image on their search page. I take it this is their suggestion for what Bumby should look like? Hey, Google, been there, done that. 

PS: Typhoon has passed Shanghai and we survived! 

From Shanghai with Windblown Hair,


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